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Refuting 119Ministries Polygyny Video

It is with deep regret that we find it necessary to refute 119Ministries for significant error in their most recent video regarding their (un)Biblical position concerning polygyny.

While we admit this is a third rail topic laden with cultural and emotional baggage, we also believe that Truth is more important than public opinion. And, defending our Elohim, His Word and the honor of our fathers, the Patriarchs, is well worth the potential cost.

In the interest of ‘Testing Everything’, we present our well articulated response to 119Ministries’ error laden video. We are deeply sorry to see 119Ministries sacrifice their once solid reputation by handling clear Scripture so very poorly.

Refuting 119Ministry Errors on Polygyny

Sorry…Not doin’ it.

If any of you out there “do” facebook, there was a cute young southern gal that had these short videos where she would go on a little tirade (as only spunky southern gals can do) about something going on in the culture or the news. Of course she used one of those filters that would completely distort her face, which made it that much more hilarious. She would end every episode with “Uh-uhh, I ain’t doin’ it!” She obviously had a conservative bent…I loved her.

So this morning while cleaning up the kitchen and nursing my first cup of coffee, I started pondering rebellion. Not just rebellion in general, but righteous rebellion. I know that sounds like an oxymoron, but bear with me a minute. This stems from a conversation with a few friends, where we discovered that at the root of who we are and how we think about Scripture and doctrinal truths, we are all REBELS. What I’m saying here is that when confronted with a truth that goes against the grain of the Christian or even Torah Observant establishment, we will eventually follow the Ruach in the pursuit of truth, regardless of the cost!

The word “rebellion” always carries a negative connotation, but is it always a negative thing? Granted, if we say we are in Messiah, we need to be very careful not to rebel against our Elohim, His Word, or the authority He has placed over us. But to rebel against the godless culture, or even the established so-called believing culture, will at some point be required of those who are truly His.

So the next time that child or “child in the faith” exhibits some rebellion, just smile. And pray the Ruach directs that rebellion against the appropriate forces…those of the enemy that would hinder the advancement of the Kingdom!

Men Deal With Men…

An interesting blog post crossed my feed the other day. At least the first half of it was really interesting, more on that in a minute….

The following (half) post copied from Move From This Mountain has some valuable pieces of insight regarding headship and patriarchy. Of particular interest is the author’s assertion, which I believe correct, that men must deal with men. Or, put another way – Men innately know that women do not have authority over them.

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What does God say about pornography

Following is a link to an important article written by a close friend of mine. It deals with an issue we really need to dig into to understand what Scripture actually says because Truth is vastly different from what most of us have been taught. Christendom’s incorrect teaching has led to a multitude of emasculated men and boys who believe they are dirty because of their God given desires being labeled as ‘sin’ or ‘sinful.’

The fact is that nakedness is never labeled a sin in scripture and we are tearing down our boys and men when we teach them that it’s wrong to be attracted to the female body. Getting this issue corrected is a major step in the process of restoring patriarchy and masculinity. I ask that each and every reader here please remove your emotions from the issue and approach this subject matter in the same way that you would approach any other Bible question.

Every man a knight

It is the duty of every man to uphold the dignity of every woman.

John Paul II, as quoted in

John Paul II was a highly educated man, and I’m sure he was aware of the rich feudal history of chivalry in the Middle Ages. In the picture above, a maiden is tying her favor on the arm of her chosen knight who is preparing to joust in her honor.

According to one site the “Song of Roland” contained a version of the Code of Chivalry.

  • Fear God and His Church
  • Serve the liege lord in valor and faith
  • Protect the weak and defenseless
  • Live by honor and for glory
  • Respect the honor of women

Combining the third and fifth elements in this list results in a knight upholding the dignity of a woman, as John Paul II succinctly says.

What might be the dignity of a woman? Well, in general, women do not possess the same physical attributes of strength and physical capacity to do hard labor, nor do they usually possess the aggressiveness of the male half of mankind. The sexual crime of rape combines aggressiveness and physical overpowering of the weaker victim. Certainly, a knight or any honorable man should protect a woman from sexual assault.

Another way a man can protect the dignity of a woman is for a father to not allow his daughter to become a prostitute.

None of the daughters of Israel shall be a cult prostitute

Deuteronomy 23:17a

One of the consequences of widowhood, especially for the aged, is that the woman is often at the mercy of con artists or easily becomes deceived by fraudsters. Here, protecting the widow is certainly a high calling for any man, a modern-day knight. YHVH Himself has said that He is a Judge for the widow and orphan.

A father of the fatherless and a judge for the widows,
Is God in His holy habitation.

Psalm 68:5

Today, we have elite soldiers who operate in one of several branches of the Special Forces instead of knights. They swear to defend the United States Constitution. But that doesn’t mean that every man who serves YHVH cannot follow much the same code of chivalry. I could rewrite the Code contained in the Song of Roland to one more appropriate of a 21st century Hebrew man among the hosts of YHVH.

  • Fear YHVH and honor His Name
  • Serve your master or employer in faithfulness and truth
  • Protect the weak and defenseless
  • Live by honor and for His Glory
  • Respect the honor of women

Marriage Laws – Council of Trent on Matrimony

By Laurom – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

When Martin Luther nailed his list of 95 theses to a church door in Germany in 1517, he ignited a debate that led to the Protestant Reformation. Reading over the list of 95 theses, nothing there was said about marriage.

Yet, the Protestant Reformation over the next 30 years generated enough theological pressure that the Roman Catholic prelates convened the Council of Trent to create the Catholic Counter-Reformation. This Council met from 1545 to 1563 over 25 sessions.

In the 24th session, in the year 1563, the prelates considered matrimony. The text is available at this location: Council of Trent, 1563, Session XXIV. I quote from the preamble and the first three canons issued by this session below.

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