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Biblical Plural Marriages by Amanda Boyd

  • Solid and well articulated 47 page response to some religious leaders in her group that spoke against God’s Word.  Highly recommended.  Lay-person.  Ignore a few spelling and grammatical errors.

Marriage in the Bible, by Steve Bearsley

  • Short 12 page paper that is a concise presentation, however does not delve into some of the concerns or false counter arguments.

Polygyny According to the Word of Yehovah by E Boyd and Kendra Daniels

  • Recently improved and updated, this very well articulated 51 page paper goes verse by verse through Scripture demonstrating the Truth of God’s Word. The authors share some of their personal story as well as benefits of this Biblical lifestyle.  Very highly recommended.

Marriage from the Bible Alone by Samuel Dennis

  • Excellent general article on marriage from Scripture.  Samuel Dennis does a fine job of addressing multiple related topics in short fashion laying a foundation for further study.  He has a section on divorce, remarriage and concubines.  The reader will be much better prepared to understand Scripture after reading this 20 page offer.

Hit Me With Your Best Shot by Mark C

  • Short 7 page paper addressing some concerns and pointing to unassailable truth from Scripture.

Why Poly? Why Now? by Peter Rambo

  • A short paper offering a few thoughts on why this subject is coming to the fore in both Christian and Hebrew roots circles.  It is a work in progress that will grow as I have time to process more thoughts, add details and gather more information.

Paul’s Perspective on Polygyny by Pete Rambo

  • Has Christendom historically misunderstood several key Pauline passages regarding polygyny because they have been read through a bias that he himself did not possess or espouse?

Does God HATE Women? by Peter Rambo

  •  Why does God appear to treat the genders differently regarding marital instruction and allowances? Is it just because He hates women, or, is there more?

Polygyny at the Time of Yeshua and the Second Temple

  • Comments on and citations from a research paper by Adiel Schremer regarding the practice of polygyny among Jews during and after the Second Temple period. Enlightening resource.

The Stations of a Woman

  • This pdf infographic helps to shed some light on the various Scriptural ‘stations’ of a woman. Visually depicting the differences between covered and uncovered, sexual/non-sexual relationships, wife and concubine, etc., this is a general overview of what many struggle to understand, the various ‘stations’ of a woman in Scripture.

Correctly Understanding Leviticus 18:18

  • A paper co-authored by Jason Caissie, Jesse ben Yosef, and Brian Sommers to refute an incorrect teaching of how Leviticus 18:18 is to be understood. They do an excellent job exposing the fallacies in understanding when the verse is not taken at face value and instead is twisted in an attempt to undermine what Scripture actually teaches on polygyny. I recommend it and hope they author some more pieces.

More on David Wilber’s Suspect Treatment of Lev. 18:18

  • After rereading Wilber’s article, I considered his conclusion paragraph more closely and realized the grave errors he commits in the process of trying to force a conclusion that is unsupported by Scripture. Poor logic and false conclusions lead to very bad theology which in this case curses Abraham and God Himself. Unfortunately, there are many such articles regarding polygyny that have wildly false conclusions based on bias, bad logic and improperly understood or applied Scripture. This example should serve as a warning to all of us to bring our doctrine into alignment with Scripture instead of desperately trying to bring Scripture into alignment with our (man-made) doctrine.

Dr. Martin Luther’s Authentic Voice On Polygamy

  • Dr. Nathan R. Jastram, chairman of the Department of Theology at Concordia University, has assembled the 82 known quotes by Dr. Martin Luther regarding polygamy. This article, published originally here, introduces them and then cites in chronological order exactly what Luther has to say. Jastram has a quality introduction as well as comprehensive conclusion section documenting his findings and the related quotes, by number, to support his understanding of Luther’s position. Having personally walked through the fire of taking a public stance on what Scripture actually says regarding polygyny, I understand but do not forgive Luther’s modified stance after 1540 and the Phillip of Hesse furor. Luther’s original position is very consistent with Scripture, though having been seriously tested in the fires of truth and public (false) opinion, he waffled and softened his stance. Luther’s final statements should be understood through the lens of public torment and merciless doctrines of men.

Shame, Reproach and the Image of Marriage

  • Biblical family structure not only requires understanding the role of men and women in marriage, but it also requires that we understand the plight of unmarried women and their need for ‘covering.’ This six page paper explores the image of marriage between the Messiah and the Congregation as compared to man and woman and demonstrates that just as Israel was in a state of shame and reproach when uncovered, so is woman. Culturally, we must grapple with the shameful condition of ladies who are not covered and we must begin to recognize our responsibility to meet them at their need.

The Patriarch’s Journal

  • An excellent online journal with periodic newsletters released, you can read The Patriarch’s Journal online or subscribe to have it delivered to your inbox. This is a valuable resource to connect with current articles authored by thinkers from a wide variety of backgrounds within the patriarchal movement. Perspectives come primarily from a mainstream Christian paradigm, but inevitably, the defense for patriarchy comes decidedly from the Torah! Enjoy previous issues linked in their blog, including this one that has an article from our very own, Pete Rambo.

Refuting 119Ministries’ Polygyny Video

  • Recently, 119Ministries, formerly a solid defender of the whole Bible and rejecter of tradition and false doctrines, published a video using very poor scholarship, logical fallacies, and numerous twisted Scriptural interpretations to declare that Biblical Marriage is a sin. In doing so, they disparaged and dishonored not only the Patriarchs and many men and women that God calls ‘righteous,’ but they managed to undermine the veracity of the Scriptures and the righteousness of God Himself. We simply took their transcript and interjected truth while pointing out their myriad errors. Grab some popcorn and sit down for an enlightening read!
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