The following is challenging information explaining what Scripture actually says regarding marriage and some commonly held doctrines and traditions. Please do not proceed without a desire to know and accept the truth of God’s Word.
My prayer for you:
Abba Father, I ask for YOU, our gentle Shepherd, to guide and instruct by Your Ruach (Holy Spirit) all who proceed beyond this point.  Bring correction, conviction, comfort and healing through this bumpy ride of challenging the idol of certain paradigms.  May You work in us to restore kol Israel according to YOUR everlasting and unchanging WORD. B’shem Yeshua Meshichaynu, Amein!
And, a reminder that the Word does teach some hard things and there are those who turn back.  Be not one of them….
John 6:60 & 66 Many therefore of his disciples, when they had heard this, said, This is an hard saying; who can hear it? ….. From that time many of his disciples went back, and walked no more with him.

When I originally began this blog in January 2013, I did so because the Father had been teaching me a number of things from His Word that Christendom did not believe.  For the last five and a half years, I have written, and will continue to write on the main blog, about those things.  I had prayed one of those seemingly innocuous prayers at my desk saying, “God, I just want to know truth.  I don’t care what it costs.” Well, this blog is the result of that because the truths He taught cost my family and me a great deal.  Most friends and much family abandoned us as we began to keep the Seventh-day Sabbath, the Feasts of the Lord and eat a Biblically clean diet.  I was pretty quickly kicked out of the pulpit I was pastoring and almost all of the network of fellowship we had enjoyed for years evaporated.  Over time, the Father replaced all of those relationships with near and dear friends and new family who the Father also challenged in a similar journey. Over the years, the Father has continued to teach me truth from His Word, often very uncomfortable truth because it is so radically opposed to the religious systems of today. Over the course of the last four years, He has challenged me repeatedly to study and understand His ways regarding marriage and the Biblical family.  What does HE think and teach in His Word? Along the way I have spent countless hours reading not only His Word, but digging into church history, Greek and Roman history as well as reading the books and writings of numerous contemporaries who have been similarly challenged by our Father.  I have spent time with many Godly people who walk in the ways of the King and counter to the cultural ideas of ‘Christian marriage.’ While I am not going to spell out my conclusions, I will share a number of quality resources.  I will also state very clearly that when Christians fight for “traditional marriage” it is because most do not understand or do not care to understand “Biblical marriage.”  (When they say ‘traditional marriage’ they KNOW it is tradition!)  The really sad part is that there are many pastors and Christian leaders that do know the truths that follow, but out of fear – fear of their wives, fear of men, fear of loss of income or fear of losing their position and influence – they will never have the spine to stand for the truth of what God’s Word actually teaches. They will be held accountable!! I do not think myself fearless.  Indeed, daring to post this is fear inducing, but I prefer truth over the accolades of men.  I desire the total restoration of God’s People and His Ways and am willing to pay the price.  If “friends” separate over this truth, then they were simply fair-weather, only they now carry the guilt of judging God, His Word, His prophets and patriarchs as well as His people.  Learning and knowing what follows requires acceptance of God’s truth and all who walk in it even if you personally are never called to the fullness of what Scripture allows. The first two articles I wrote as I was learning and processing Biblical marriage led to a considerable amount of consternation and backlash. While I know and understand more today than at that time, I fully support and expand on what I have written.  Those articles are:

Marriage, Adultery and Christian Error….

Does God Have Two Brides??

The bottom-line, as shared in those two simple articles, is that it is acceptable before God for a man to have more than one wife.  Yep, you read that correctly.  Scripture clearly teaches that it is acceptable for a man to have more than one wife.  Period. Full stop. Before adding crazy comments and sharing what you don’t know from Scripture, you need to read and process a number of the articles and resources presented.  Inflammatory or wild-eyed knee-jerk comments will simply be deleted and you risk being blocked from posting on this site. I, along with my family, have already paid the lion’s share of the price for trusting the Word of God over the traditions of men.  This is a gut-wrenching paradigm-shift that will test you with a fire that is entirely unknown to all but the most persecuted.  Still, truth is TRUTH.  I dare not shrink back. Here are a number of resources worthy of your time to understand God’s Word.  I have written or influenced NONE of these.  They are here to demonstrate that I am not crazy and that the Father is doing something in our day!  Further, they articulate from various perspectives, both genders, laypersons as well as seminary professors that God’s Word has not changed! Again, I pray,
Abba Father, I ask for YOU, our gentle Shepherd to guide and instruct by Your Ruach (Holy Spirit) all who proceed beyond this point.  Bring correction, conviction, comfort and healing through this bumpy ride of challenging the idol of certain paradigms.  May You work in us to restore kol Israel according to YOUR everlasting and unchanging WORD. B’shem Yeshua Meshichaynu, Amein!
Now, put your big boy/girl undies on, buckle your seatbelt and begin to read.  The first eight are free online resources that I have saved to my blog for you to read, print, process or even pass along.  The eighth is available at, all remaining links are to books, YouTube videos and other resources. After significant study, my clearly state conclusion and how this topic relates to every believer is written below the following resources.  Blessings.


I want to be clear on a couple matters:
  • We must accept Biblical truth when presented, whether we like it or not.
  • We may choose not to personally exercise the options God allows in His Word concerning Biblical marriage, however,
  • We must accept as brothers and sisters those who choose differently than we do as long as they stay within the boundaries GOD has set, not our traditional or personally comfortable boundaries.
I pray you take the time to read the many resources presented and wrestle with the truth.  May Abba guide and strengthen you as you begin a deeper journey into His Word and His Ways. Shalom!


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