Salt or Sugar?

“How can we be the salt of the earth, if we keep sugar coating the message?”

Gary Moore

(From Kelly’s Facebook page…)

No doubt, we need to be compassionate in our delivery, but we should not avoid the hard truths or deeper topics simply because they are unpopular or politically incorrect. Every prophet and apostle, as well as the Messiah, spoke truth to their own detriment. We should be so bold.


Tales from the Bus. Parenting.

Thursday was an icky day.  No two ways about it!

I drove a field trip to Columbia and may as well have been at the helm of a submarine…  so much so that a teacher had to use an umbrella IN the bus to stay dry!  That bad!  But I’ll save that bus parent

As I was making my afternoon run, I was dropping one little girl whose parents always meet her at the stop.  In fact, one is with her every morning as well, physically picking her up and putting her on the first step of the bus, or lifting her from the bottom step.  As yesterday would have it, in the fading light rain, we arrived at her stop with nobody waiting, so she hops off the bus and begins running toward the house and I thought, ‘Good for her!  Standing on her own two feet.’

Just as I began to pull away I saw dad sprint from the house with a jacket, throw it over the little girls head, presumably so she wouldn’t melt, and scoop her up to carry her the remaining ten yards to the porch.

I thought, ‘They are so going to make her into a prima dona.  Continue reading “Tales from the Bus. Parenting.”