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  • Online blog and forum for Christian and Hebrew roots believers who share a common understanding from God’s Word regarding the roles and purposes of man and woman.  Further the forum is a terrific place for support and question asking/answering as regards Scripture and marriage.  Many, many verses and related topics are studied and discussed in depth as well as frank and honest testimonies from people who the Father has led to Biblical truth concerning marriage and how the family is supposed to function.  While a major focus of the forum is plural marriage, that is not the only topic.  It is, after all, titled Biblical Families.

  • Interesting blog I have recently encountered that explores many topics related to Biblical Marriage.  I recommend perusing the ‘Categories’ list. I do not agree with the author’s stance on the Tanak/Old Testament as having limited value, but he does come to many correct conclusions on Biblical Gender Roles. So, chew the meat and spit out the bones…
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