14. On the Morality of Biblical Polygyny by William Luck

  • The 14th appendix from The Rev. William F. Luck, Sr.’s book Divorce and Remarriage; Recovering the Biblical View (Harper & Row). He is a former Professor of Bible and Theology at the Moody Bible Institute. He earned a MA in Philosophy of Religion at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He earned an MDiv (and post-graduate work in historical theology) at McCormick Theological Seminary. After working for several years with Probe Ministries of Dallas, lecturing on major university campuses around the country, He was invited to teach at Moody where, for over a decade, he taught Bible and theology, including apologetics, Biblical ethics, Church history and the history of Christian thought. Credentials continued here…

The Great Omission: Christendom’s Abandonment of the Biblical Family by Clyde Pilkington

  • Excellent book, 20 years in the making, that is extremely well researched with dozens of citations in each chapter proving the Great Omission of Christendom: Abandonment of the Biblical Family.  Pilkington candidly exposes the utter disregard the Church has had for women and their care according to Biblical provision.  Must read if you want to understand why marriage in the Church resembles the world instead of Scripture. 200pgs.  Extensive bibliography.

After Polygamy Was Made A Sin by John Cairncross

  •  A fascinating look into the strong underground 20200329_094721.jpgpolygynous Christian tradition, Cairncross’ After Polygamy Was Made A Sin, The Social History of Christian Polygamy, takes an in-depth historical and at times critical look at the practice. He demonstrates that Christendom’s seeming monolithic history of ‘monogamy-only’ is far from truth, rather, monogamy as a rule comes straight out of Romanism. The value of his work is that is identifies and highlights errors made by the movement at different junctures while generally being persecuted to the extreme in many circumstances. Highly recommended addition to your library, however, you may need to hunt for this somewhat rare volume. Occasionally, has reprint copies on hand, or search

The Biblical Case Against Polygyny and a Biblical Response by Dr. William Luck, Sr.

  • Available only on Kindle (to my knowledge), this excellent and thorough work by BCAP Dr LuckDr. William Luck, Sr., interacts with and disassembles the leading anti-polygyny scholars in Christendom. Dr. Luck demonstrates from Scripture the theological errors, inconsistencies, and logical fallacies of various men who have published against Christian polygyny from a supposed ‘Biblical perspective.’  A medium length read that is a classic takedown, Dr. Luck’s frustration with their errors, falsehoods, and misrepresentations is palpable. Excellent resource that should be followed on by his very thorough Divorce and Remarriage (3rd Ed.): Recovering a Biblical View.

Eros Made Sacred by James Wesley Stivers

  • In 78 short pages, Stivers clearly and concisely make the case for re-examining what the Bible actually says about the family unit and how proper implementation will return God’s people to Biblical truth, power and blessing.  In a closing chapter he shares an essay that shows the conceptual connection between monogamy, feminism and witchcraft.  Terrific introductory book.

The Monogamy Lie by Maurice Nelson

  • From Amazon: “Western societies have been subjected to institutional indoctrination leading us to believe that anyone who dares to love more than one person at a time is doing something evil. Could this all be a lie? Why do men cheat? Maybe it is because they are fighting their very nature with every passing day. Are men morally weak or are they incredibly strong in attempts to overcome the way they are designed by Nature and Nature’s God?  The Bible proves, beyond any doubt, that God never meant for men to be limited to only one wife. The Bible contains 36 named polygynists. But the real shocker is that Bible actually contains words where God declares himself a polygynist as does Jesus.”  Kindle book that is a comprehensive though abbreviated look at every example from Scripture as well as solid assertions and conclusions.

Evaluating Western Christianity’s Interpretation Of Biblical Polygamy by Lauren Heiligenthal

  • Heiligenthal does an amazing job of exposing the untold damage Western Christian missionaries have done to African culture by enforcing monogamy as the Biblical standard when Scripture never does. Poverty, prostitution and orphans are the result of the Western monogamy-only policy that has been enforced.  Heartbreaking read that supports the conclusions of Pilkington’s Great Omission, listed above.  79pgs.

Man and Woman in Biblical Law by Tom Shipley

  • The largest and most detailed book in this list, this is a compilation of a series of articles Shipley wrote over several years.  Each article is a short read that is heavy on meat and light on fluff.  He begins by demonstrating from Scripture the proper roles and relationships between man and woman according to Scripture.  He then invests many pages on a detailed look and commentary on every example God provides for us of a plural marriage.  The book wraps up with a number of appendices directly addressing multiple theologians and their errors regarding Scriptural interpretation on the subject matter. Solid body of work!  260+ pgs.  Must have in any library for multiple reasons!

Thelyphthora by Reverend Martin Madan (edited by Don Milton)

  • This is Volume 1 of 3 volumes. In 1780, the most famous clergyman in the world (Martin Madan) published a book which shook the Christian world. In the book he discussed polygamy and monogamy in great detail and defended polygamy. This is the first volume of that book. It contains one of the most comprehensive discussions of polygamy you will ever read. Because of the publication of this book, the so called men of God in seminaries have erased Martin Madan from their accounts of the great evangelists, philanthropists, and composers of the Eighteenth Century. You may now read what has been censored for the last 228 years. This book covers the subjects of Marriage, Adultery, Whoredom, Polygamy, Fornication, Divorce.

A History and Philosophy of Marriage by James Campbell (1869)

  • Previously only available on this site as a free pdf, I am happy to state that I found the book in reprint with Patriarch Publishing House. An amazing book with statistical information from Massachusetts in the 1860s as well excellent arguments from Scripture, history, and natural law, Campbell demonstrates yet again that the mainstream traditional view of marriage by Christendom is just that, tradition. It is nowhere rooted in Scripture or the history of Israel. In fact, it is not even rooted in Christendom, rather in Greco-Romanism absorbed by Christendom. Campbell’s work is as cutting edge today as it was 150 years ago. Add this hardcopy to your shelf and highlight copiously!

Prince of Sumba by Don Milton

  • Written as a fictional novel that weaves one fact from history after another into the story-line, this well footnoted tale is a nicely researched resource that exposes Christianity’s intentional masking of the truths in Scripture concerning marriage.  Did you know that modern hymnbooks and many tunes contained therein came from Martin Madan, contemporary and close friend of Charles Wesley?  Want to know why history erased this great preacher from history as if he never existed?  Or maybe you are curious why Wesley’s grandson, Samuel Sebastian Wesley, author of The Church’s One Foundation Is Jesus Christ Her Lord, is oft remembered but his polygamist father, Samuel Wesley, is never mentioned?  Or, the fact that Samuel Sebastian was born to Sarah Suter, his father’s second wife? Or maybe you have never heard of the great Italian Preacher, Bernardino Ochino of Sienna?  Might it be because he dared to write a book about polygyny and he and his family were exiled into the cold in Germany where he died and his name was subsequently erased from history?  334 pgs with hundreds of footnotes, many leading to historical facts you’ve never dared to be exposed to…  Truth is dangerous stuff!
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