I stole this for Shabbat!

I miss Israel!  Particularly Shabbats!  Nothing, and I mean nothing beats silent streets, shops closed and watching sunsets in the most peaceful place on earth, even the Presence of Abba.

A bit ago Christy Ellis, MeWe friend, posted this video on her feed and I was immediately homesick.  Besides the incredibleness of what Chief Joseph River Wind just witnessed, notice the peace at 3pm as Jerusalem shuts down.  Notice the shops closed.  Notice the very light foot traffic, and that hurried, as everyone is headed home for Shabbat!


So, yes, I totally stole the video, but just HAD to share!  Can’t wait to be back in the Land for Pesach!  Come with us!

The everlasting Word!

When this was written, what commandments was the author or Author referring to? Just our verses later:

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.
Proverbs 3:5

Maybe it should read, “trust in the Word with all your heart and lean not on your own doctrines.”

The Lord will not violate His Word. His Word reveals Him. When we filter His Word through doctrines and our own understanding, we are no longer trusting Him, rather we are trusting the men that tell us what the Word says.

The Word is simple. His commandments are not burdensome.

My son, forget not my law; but let thine heart keep my commandments:
Proverbs 3:1 KJV

Big Shabbat at the Rambo’s (Lots of pics…)

About once per quarter we are blessed to host a gathering of multiple area home fellowships.  One most encouraging thing about Western SC is that there are home fellowships springing up everywhere and we are striving to walk in peace and harmony as a testimony to our King.

The Torah and the Body of Messiah was NEVER meant to function as a ‘church,’ rather, we are to function as a community!!  Israel, kol Israel, is to function as a community with gathering for worship and prayer at the center of all other community activities.  We are learning to walk together and function more and more as  a community.

Following is a gallery of a bunch of pictures from yesterday.  Continue reading “Big Shabbat at the Rambo’s (Lots of pics…)”

Guilt-free Rest!

I am a bit of a workaholic.  Some might say, ‘more than a bit.’

If I think I can squeeze something else onto my plate, I will find a way to do it.  It is just the way I am wired.  Part of the issue is that I love to work, part is that so many others do not.  If I see something that needs to be done, I do it.  Etc.

Whether this is good or bad is not my point.  What being a workaholic does lead to is exhaustion and that is not our Creator’s desire for any of His creation.  He desires that we be creative and accomplish much, but He also desires commands that we rest.Shabbat rest

Most workaholics have trouble resting.  Like me, they feel guilty if they are sitting still.  I mean, isn’t there something that needs to be done??

Well, this morning, I woke with the phrase, ‘guilt-free rest’ playing on my mind.  I was sleeping late as I do most Saturdays and experiencing the very reason why I LOVE this day, Continue reading “Guilt-free Rest!”

Stunning rainbow…


Two days ago, I witnessed what was easily the most stunning rainbow I have ever seen.  My camera phone does not do it justice.  It was so close and so vivid the tree it appears to come from literally looked like it was on fire.  Amazing!!

I cannot look at a rainbow, though, without remembering the Sabbath.  God uses EXACTLY the same terminology when He gives the Covenant of the Sabbath as He does with the Covenant of the Rainbow.

Each of those covenants promise that He will DO something.  Rainbow = no flood, Sabbath = sanctify the keeper.  Both are FOREVER.  The Rainbow nor the Sabbath ever change.  (In fact, a great study is the word ‘olam’ meaning ‘forever’ and where God uses it…. You may be surprised that Passover and the Feasts are… forever, regardless of doctrine or theology to the contrary.


Let the children (NOT!!) come unto me….

I received an email that touched a bit of a nerve.  Commenting on the pictures of our recent Shabbat gathering, my emailer lamented that the fellowship/group she gathers with has few children which are not much appreciated.  Among other things on the blog that struck her, she enjoyed seeing so many happy little faces, and we have a bunch of them.

Mazie Grace
Mazie Grace at our recent Shabbat under the pecans…

While I do not know her situation, I suspect it is much like a story I’ve heard multiple times from other fellowships:  ‘Children don’t like to study, they are a distraction, too much noise, short attention spans, etc…’  In their haste to belly up to the table of Truth, they have forgotten the most important task they have: training the next generation.

How sad.

I don’t really want to get on a soapbox, but I would remind all readers that the building block of a nation is family, and family includes children.  Our Messiah said, ‘Let the little children come and forbid them not…’  We should go to great lengths to make our fellowships very family friendly.  [The idea of ‘Sunday School’ and separating the children into a little groups is entirely contrary to Scripture and the Hebrew culture.  Sunday School is a modern invention that dumbs down our little ones and fosters cliques and isolation….  but, that is yet another soapbox.] Continue reading “Let the children (NOT!!) come unto me….”

Amazing Day of Worship at Adat Shalom

I have never ‘reviewed’ a congregation…  seems almost crude and unrefined…  crass.  However, my wife, two sons and I drove to Summerville, SC to visit with Adat Shalom Congregation and had such an amazing afternoon that I just have to tell you about this fellowship!!

Most of my readers are familiar with the excellent Torah Portion notes by Ray Gardner that this blog is blessed to host.  Well, as we prepare to go to Israel in a couple weeks to participate in the First Ephramite/Northern Israel National Congress, we have visited several fellowships to tell of our purpose, ask for prayer and seek input from them as their delegates.  This week we visited with Ray Gardner’s fellowship and were totally blown away at the level of maturity and the degree of abandoned worship as well as the prophetic giftings.

The 15+/- year old fellowship occupies an unpretentious store front building located at 257 Treeland Drive, Ladson SC, 29456.  We were early and as we came through the door, entering a cavernous room, I was immediately struck by Continue reading “Amazing Day of Worship at Adat Shalom”