The single word that disassembles MUCH Christian doctrine…

One Hebrew word, used 438 times in theIsaiah 40 8 flowers ‘old testament,’ completely disassembles a wide swath of Christian doctrine.  Simply taking the time to understand a single word will peel the mask off of much man-made tradition and false doctrines derived from contextually ignorant theology.  Even a layman with a fifth grade education can study and understand one simple word then use it as a scalpel to dissect truth from tradition.

Are you willing to take the plunge?  Will you dare to see what Scripture says v. ivory tower theonastics?  (Okay, I made that word up.  It comes from theological gymnastics, or contortionism to arrive at a point wholly disconnected from Scripture while seemingly having some validity.)

Buckle your seat belt!

H5769       עלם / עולם     ‛ôlâm
BDB Definition:
1) long duration, antiquity, futurity, for ever, ever, everlasting, evermore, perpetual, old, ancient, world
1a) ancient time, long time (of past)
1b) (of future)
1b1) for ever, always
1b2) continuous existence, perpetual
1b3) everlasting, indefinite or unending future, eternity

Let’s consider a few uses that Christendom agrees with:

Isaiah 40:8 The grass withers, the flower fades,
But the word of our God stands forever עולם .

Perpetual, everlasting Word!  Right?  The everlasting, unchanging, infallible Word of our God that stands forever!! Continue reading “The single word that disassembles MUCH Christian doctrine…”

Stunning rainbow…


Two days ago, I witnessed what was easily the most stunning rainbow I have ever seen.  My camera phone does not do it justice.  It was so close and so vivid the tree it appears to come from literally looked like it was on fire.  Amazing!!

I cannot look at a rainbow, though, without remembering the Sabbath.  God uses EXACTLY the same terminology when He gives the Covenant of the Sabbath as He does with the Covenant of the Rainbow.

Each of those covenants promise that He will DO something.  Rainbow = no flood, Sabbath = sanctify the keeper.  Both are FOREVER.  The Rainbow nor the Sabbath ever change.  (In fact, a great study is the word ‘olam’ meaning ‘forever’ and where God uses it…. You may be surprised that Passover and the Feasts are… forever, regardless of doctrine or theology to the contrary.

Does Scripture lie?


Many times in Scripture we are clearly told that the Torah, even the statutes and ordinances, are FOREVER.  Are all of these verses a lie? Or, is Yeshua speaking truth when He says, ‘not one jot or tittle will pass from the Torah and the Prophets…if you want to be LEAST in the Kingdom, annul and teach to annul the least of the commandments.’   (Matt. 5:17-19, paraphrased)

Why I ignore much Christian theology….

Did God lie, or is His Word indeed everlasting and unchanging?  If obedience (shamar, shema: hear and obey) to ‘ALL the words I command you’ is ‘forever’ and ‘good and right in the sight of Yehovah,’ then why do many theologians say that we do not need to hear and obey ALL the commandments?


The Word of our God says, ‘it will be well with you FOREVER!’  When did ‘forever’ change?

Many wonder why I, a former Presbyterian minister, would leave the ‘church’ and begin to study Scripture without the filter of Christian theology.  Continue reading “Why I ignore much Christian theology….”

Local weather calling for snow… Again!!

Local weather is calling for snow…  Again!!  Frankly, one good snow every two or three years is about normal for this Southeastern region.  snow6A couple weeks ago we had a moderate sleet/snow mix, so maybe a big one is in order…  Still, this winter has been very cold and not very ‘nice.’

In our family Bible reading this morning we were discussing a passage that touches on the whole weather issue…  In fact, daily, the weather that we concern ourselves with should serve as a continual reminder Continue reading “Local weather calling for snow… Again!!”

By what standard?? Pray tell!

… I can tell you what is NOT the standard!!

The Westminster Confession of Faith is NOT the standard!!
The 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith is NOT the standard!!
The Articles of Religion of the Methodist Church are NOT the standard!!
The Confessions of the Lutheran Church are NOT the standard!! ….

For we do not have a high priest who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses, but One who has been tempted in all things as we are, yet without sin        Hebrews 4:15

The author of the book of Hebrews tells us that Messiah Y’shua was without sin.  By what standard was this determination made?

the one who says he abides in Him ought himself to walk in the same manner as He walked.    I John 2:3-6

The Apostle John tells us that if we abide in the Messiah, then we will ‘walk as He walked.’  We will ‘do as He did.’  By what standard did He walk/do?

Be imitators of me, just as I also am of Christ.  I Cor. 11:1

If we are to imitate Rav Shaul who is imitating Messiah Y’shua, by what standard do we imitate? Continue reading “By what standard?? Pray tell!”

How to be LEAST in The Kingdom of Heaven:

Yeshua tells us exactly what we have to do to be LEAST in the Kingdom of Heaven:

“Whoever then annuls one of the least of these commandments, and teaches others to do the same, shall be  called LEAST in the Kingdom of Heaven;…”

Without skipping a beat or even drawing a breath, He tells us conversely what we have to do to be great in the kingdom:

“but whoever KEEPS and TEACHES them, he shall be called GREAT in the Kingdom of Heaven.”  (Matthew 5:19)

Nuff said.  Got Torah?

More on ‘Follow me Paul.’

We’ve discussed Rav Shaul, the Apostle Paul, several times recently.  Specifically, the question has been, “what was Rav Shaul’s example?”  He did say, ‘Imitate me as I imitate Messiah…’

Well, friend and commenter, hisloammi sent me a list with more ‘do as I do’ examples of Paul from Scripture.

  • Shaul (Paul) observed the Biblical feasts of Israel in accordance to the cycle and calendar of the Holy Temple.  (Acts 20:6)
  • Shaul (Paul) made the vow of a Nazirite in accordance to Torah observance.  (Acts 18:18)