Marriage and Sanctification

While I have long understood that one reason God created marriage was to image His relationship with His people (Eph. 5:22-33), to a much lesser degree, I understood that a purpose for marriage is sanctification. It was not, however, until the last couple years of understanding Biblical marriage, that I began to understand how very significant the aspect of sanctification is.

Sanctification, by definition, is the process of ‘making holy.’ Holy means ‘set apart’ or ‘consecrate,’ so ‘sanctification’ means ‘the process of setting apart, or making holy.’ See the following snip from an online dictionary:

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Zealous? For what?


Acts 21:20 relates that a mark of the apostolic kahal/ekklesia/congregation was being zealous for the Law.

How does the Church today view those ‘zealous for the Law?’. How does God view those ‘zealous for the Law?’

If the Law, the Torah, defines sin and righteousness, how should we view those who denigrate or teach against lawFULL behavior?  Is it just possible that Christendom is wrong and walking contrary to God’s ways?  Is it possible that for the last 1800+ years Christian pastors and theologians commit the same error of the religious leaders Yeshua chastised for elevating their traditions above the simple written Word?

God’s Word says that the Torah brings life, righteousness, blessings and sanctification.  Are you keeping the Sabbath, His Feasts, a clean diet, etc?  Pete Rambo doesn’t say that is ‘the Way,’ God does.

Shema!!  Yeshua died to redeem you from lawLESSness so that you might walk lawfully.

… Messiah Yeshua… gave Himself for us to redeem us from every lawless deed, and to purify for Himself a people for His own possession, zealous for good deeds.
Titus 2 NASB

Did Israel sanctify pagan altars?


Or, did Yehovah command them to destroy the altars and NOT approach Him as the pagans approached their gods?  Can we take pagan practices and “Christianize” them?  If so, why don’t we use temple prostitutes?  If not, why do we insist on evergreens, balls, wreaths, eggs and bunnies?

Please.  Do the serious research.  “Christmas” was around 1500 years before Messiah Yeshua was born…