Does ‘truth’ change?

Multiple points made in yesterday’s post about professor Daniel I. Block’s essay have been running through my head.  The major one is one I’ve pondered before but am again relishing. 


Simply, the truth recorded in Torah has not and cannot change.  When יהיה said to keep His feasts forever (4x in Lev. 23), that is unchanging truth.  When יהיה said to keep the seventh-day Sabbath forever (Ex. 31:16-17), that is unchanging truth.  It can’t change, else He is a liar, and He cannot lie (Titus 1:2).
Therefore, if someone tells you these have changed, that person is lying. Period.  (Now, they may be doing so in ignorance as I once was, but it is still lying.)  Gently correct them with this thought: Does (or, can) God lie?  Concerning the Torah, He says it is truth and everlasting righteousness.

Shabbat Shalom!!

Moonrise, sunset… A few pics…

If there is one truly spectacular aspect to this piece of property our Father led us to rent, it is the views.  For being in the middle of rolling hills, we may have one of the highest and most panoramic views in the county.  We are surrounded by fields that fall away from the hill on which the house sits.  ss6308

I love moonrises and sunsets…  We get plenty of them.  I often say, ‘I need to take some pics…’  Well, recently, I started keeping a camera handy and want to share several pictures from the last week. Continue reading “Moonrise, sunset… A few pics…”