Some big additions this evening…

Thanks to Ray Gardner, this week’s Torah Portion, Ekev, is posted on the Torah Portion page.

Also, all 27!! Psalm images from Bill Sanford of Aleph-Tav Scriptures have been added to the A-T Images page.  View and share them!!

Lastly, I am continuing to add to the How To: Messianic page.  It will be a ‘work in project’ for a while, but keep an eye on the changes and I hope it will be an easy/simple semi-comprehensive page for new folk coming into the Messianic.

And, closing with a sample from the A-T Images in Psalms that were added…

Psalm 148:1
Psalm 148:1


Amazing Day of Worship at Adat Shalom

I have never ‘reviewed’ a congregation…  seems almost crude and unrefined…  crass.  However, my wife, two sons and I drove to Summerville, SC to visit with Adat Shalom Congregation and had such an amazing afternoon that I just have to tell you about this fellowship!!

Most of my readers are familiar with the excellent Torah Portion notes by Ray Gardner that this blog is blessed to host.  Well, as we prepare to go to Israel in a couple weeks to participate in the First Ephramite/Northern Israel National Congress, we have visited several fellowships to tell of our purpose, ask for prayer and seek input from them as their delegates.  This week we visited with Ray Gardner’s fellowship and were totally blown away at the level of maturity and the degree of abandoned worship as well as the prophetic giftings.

The 15+/- year old fellowship occupies an unpretentious store front building located at 257 Treeland Drive, Ladson SC, 29456.  We were early and as we came through the door, entering a cavernous room, I was immediately struck by Continue reading “Amazing Day of Worship at Adat Shalom”