I stole this for Shabbat!

I miss Israel!  Particularly Shabbats!  Nothing, and I mean nothing beats silent streets, shops closed and watching sunsets in the most peaceful place on earth, even the Presence of Abba.

A bit ago Christy Ellis, MeWe friend, posted this video on her feed and I was immediately homesick.  Besides the incredibleness of what Chief Joseph River Wind just witnessed, notice the peace at 3pm as Jerusalem shuts down.  Notice the shops closed.  Notice the very light foot traffic, and that hurried, as everyone is headed home for Shabbat!


So, yes, I totally stole the video, but just HAD to share!  Can’t wait to be back in the Land for Pesach!  Come with us!

Jerusalem for Passover, two pilgrims’ adventures….

One of the great joys of going up to Jerusalem for the feasts is to gather on the weekly Shabbats at Independence Park.  Some time back, it sort of became an unwritten date on every ephramite’s calendar: 2pm at Independence Park.  Everybody will be there in a huge group talking excitedly, meeting new friends, making contacts and trading stories!  Dozens of nations are represented and multiple languages heard, though English is the primary.

Well, I had a special encounter with Dave McKnew and Rafael Trevino and heard part of their story.  This morning I received a lengthy email detailing their respective trips to Jerusalem, how they met and how the Father knit them together.  Enjoy!!

Going to Jerusalem for Passover

David McKnew and Rafael Trevino

Jeremiah 3:17
17 “At that time Jerusalem shall be called The Throne of YHVH (LORD), and all the nations shall be gathered to it, to the name of YHVH, to Jerusalem. No more shall they follow the dictates of their evil hearts.

I really had no idea why I felt a desire to go to Jerusalem for Passover but after my pilgrimage to the Holy Land it would be crystal clear. The first time I felt a slight desire to go to Israel was in June of 2017 while laying in my hammock in a very remote area of Kauai called the Kalalau Beach along the Napali coast. I had a thought “why have I not visited Israel, I can take time out to come to a beautiful beach like this to enjoy God’s creation but I have not taken the time to visit God’s holy land the only area on earth He
has said to have placed His name forever”. I did not think about it again until some unusual events had taken place just a few months after I had that thought.

August 21st 2017 just a couple months after that thought on the beach, we had an amazing eclipse sweep across the United States from the West Coast to the East Coast. I noticed some very interesting signs which were pointing to Jerusalem when the eclipse shadow
had passed over 7 Salem’s.

Continue reading and see their many beautiful pics:  Going to Jerusalem for Passover

The Jerusalem Debate: An excellent series on a challenging topic….

20161023_093414-1Having just returned from Jerusalem and celebrating my second feast in the Land, I can tell you that being there changes me.  You may also understand from numerous travel posts concerning our most recent trip, being in Israel at the pilgrim feasts has a profound effect on Judah to see us in the Land.

Oddly, there are a number of objections given for why some people do not go up for the feasts.  Following is an introduction to the subject written by Sue Wyatt with some forewords by the Barking Fox and then a series of short articles written by Bob Parham and hosted by Lamb’s Servant.

I HIGHLY recommend taking the time to think through and wrestle with this material.  You will be challenged and, I think, changed!   Buckle your seat belt….

The Jerusalem Debate – Introduction | The Lamb’s Servant


The Jerusalem Debate – Eleven Objections and Responses | The Lamb’s Servant

Last day in Jerusalem, a mixed bag….

Tomorrow is Simchat Torah and then we head to Ariel for the Congress, so we made our 20161023_100545last trip into Jerusalem today.  Not having visited the Kotel yet, we made that our very first priority and, like last time, it was an emotional walk.  So many men praying.  It was a bit more crowded than last time we went, but nothing like three days ago during the Priestly Blessings when tens of thousands packed into the plaza at the base of the Wall.

It is an interesting thing.  In Christendom, Scriptures speaking to the dwelling of God with man in a spiritual sense are emphasized while the Beit Hamikdash, House of Prayer (for all nations, as Solomon prayed for it to be) is de-emphasized.  Still, on this trip I have met many, many Jews who are spirit filled, but may not understand the Messiah in the same way I do.  The trip to the Kotel, the western Wall, dashes the Christian de-emphasize.

Along with my three younger sons, I carefully slipped through the praying mass toward an empty spot on the Wall where we could Continue reading “Last day in Jerusalem, a mixed bag….”

Traveling international with family

I was thinking yesterday how blessed we are to be taking three of our boys with us on this trip to Israel.  For them it is their first international trip and for one it is his first commercial flight/airport experience.

Kelly and I have traveled overseas many times.  My experience began with a bush pilot 20161012_055234father and living in South America, then we share the military experience with overseas deployments and duty stations.  Traveling with boys in tow is a first with some new lessons that I will share as we go along, but I thought for the many friends we have who would love to take a similar trip, I would offer some thoughts on how this came about and how we prepared, particularly for the expense.

Last year, Kelly and I traveled to Israel.  All through the trip we ooVoo’ed our boys as well as sending texts and pictures.  When we arrived home, well after their bedtime, they met us at the door with hugs and immediately expressed that we could not return to the Land without taking them.  Easy for them to say!!  I saw the cash register start spinning!!

Well, upon the announcement of the Congress late last year and the particular good news that it would be immediately following Sukkot, the Feast of Tabernacles, I knew we had to go!  But, how?  Continue reading “Traveling international with family”

Preparing to Return to Israel!

As if the last few months haven’t been busy enough, we have begun the process of planning a return trip to Israel.  Along with friends, we have booked plane reservations and have IMG_20150518_143948445 (1)rented a house just outside Jerusalem for Sukkot and will stay in Israel for the Second Bney Yosef Congress.

When we returned from our first trip last May, our boys met us at the door and said we could not go back without taking them.  As it stands, it looks like we are taking most of them with us this Fall, so now we begin to figure out what we want to see, where we all want to go and what events in the Old City that we want to attend.

At the top of our list is participating in the Parade of Nations in Jerusalem.  What makes this special event so exciting to look forward to is that dozens of friends will be there! I. CAN’T. WAIT!

We will be Continue reading “Preparing to Return to Israel!”

Jerusalem, 17s, 67s and the Yovel….

The last few days has seen a number of interesting conversations converge leaving me with a number of thoughts and interesting musings.  I’d like to share and see what feedback is out there…

I have gone on record before saying that in my opinion 2017 is a significant year. I have sensed that for more than 35 years and not because I was born in 1967.  My birth year is tied to the recapture of Jerusalem and I have long been acutely aware of the history of events on the 17s and 67s, some of which Rabbi Judah ben Samuel allegedly prophesied.  He believed the Messiah would come in 2017.

A poor pic snapped during the waning stages of our Seudat Moshiach under the Retreat Dean and Chuck recently helped me complete.  Here we have Tommy and Dorothy at the far end of the table, Reynna and Tzefanyah to their left and Chris across from his youngest son, Nathaniel in the hands of off-camera wife, Mary.  My two eldest sons are visible on the far left.  Gunnar (i) and Jeremiah.
A poor pic snapped during the waning stages of our Seudat Moshiach under the Retreat Dean and Chuck recently helped me complete. Here we have Tommy and Dorothy at the far end of the table, Reynna and Tzefanyah to their left and Chris across from his youngest son, Nathaniel in the hands of off-camera wife, Mary. My two eldest sons are visible on the far left. Gunnar (l) and Jeremiah.

I do not remember which, but either during our Seudat Moshiach or our Shabbat Oneg, we were discussing the many events of recent prophecy and the return of the Moshiach and the restoration of Jerusalem and the Tent of David as the center of the world.  During our discussion I shared my thoughts on 2017 and Jerusalem.

Last night I read and re-posted an interesting letter from brother James Block about the significance of Jerusalem in Scripture and what we need to be doing to speed the Messiah!  In it he makes a solid case from Scripture about the incredible importance of Zion to God and His Messiah.

Then, today, I receive an email about the ‘return of 10-Israel’ and a link to an exceptional compilation of commemorations that occur next year that are all seemingly Jubilee related.  Continue reading “Jerusalem, 17s, 67s and the Yovel….”

Fifty steps from terror

In May, Kelly and I had the special opportunity to spend a few days in Jerusalem.  On a brilliant Wednesday afternoon, after lunch at the Quarter Cafe in the Old City along with our small group, we slipped into the world famous Shorashim Shop where the proprietor, Orthodox Jew Moshe Kempinski, locked us in, told us to grab a stool while he put on a small headset.  He then spend about 20 minutes telling us, ‘I know who you are…’ as he acknowledged our coming to Torah and a clear understanding of who Ephraim is, etc…  I remember my eyeballs sweating a good bit as he told us how much he loved us and looked forward to our rising as a fulfillment of prophecy.shorashim_biblical_shop1

Moshe and the Shorashim Shop have had a special place in my heart ever since.

Each week the Shop sends out a newsletter with Torah notes, thoughts, adverts and a few relevant articles from around the web.  This week, one article in particular hit me as I could picture every detail of the location of a terror attack.  We stood in these very locations a few short months ago Continue reading “Fifty steps from terror”

Encouragement on the Wall


We have four boys who currently range in age from 13 to 19.  I am continually trying to teach them to care for each other, live lives for the King, be true to their ingrafting and be warriors.  When I saw this print in Israel six weeks ago, I almost immediately teared up as it so spoke to me concerning my own boys.

Well, today we picked it up from the frame shop and hung it prominently on a wall in our house to remind them daily of the things that are important.  May they grow closer together as they pursue the King and take a strong stand on behalf of Israel and Jerusalem!!