Big Shabbat at the Rambo’s (Lots of pics…)

About once per quarter we are blessed to host a gathering of multiple area home fellowships.  One most encouraging thing about Western SC is that there are home fellowships springing up everywhere and we are striving to walk in peace and harmony as a testimony to our King.

The Torah and the Body of Messiah was NEVER meant to function as a ‘church,’ rather, we are to function as a community!!  Israel, kol Israel, is to function as a community with gathering for worship and prayer at the center of all other community activities.  We are learning to walk together and function more and more as  a community.

Following is a gallery of a bunch of pictures from yesterday.  Continue reading “Big Shabbat at the Rambo’s (Lots of pics…)”

The Way : A Documentary

The Kickstarter Campaign has already been all over the internet and the trailer is a ‘must-see!’  I have had communication with the Producer and the Director for The Way and I feel VERY good about where this documentary is going and the story it is going to tell.

The campaign reached its goal in 36 hours, but now, having exceeded its goal, it is reaching for additional funding that will further improve the final product.  If you are curious about a hard look into this movement, or want to see THE Story told, here is an opportunity to help out with a pledge.  And, pledges have benefits 

I would ask this of my readers: Would you be willing to forego your personal name and picture being on the poster and instead, have the name ‘B’ney Yosef’ put in to draw attention to the BIG picture?  The Two Stick Prophecy and the fact that an organization exists that is actively seeking to gather the Sheep of the House of Joseph is part of this story!  We can draw attention to this fact by having the name appear in the credit…

We and several here have made gifts to that end.   Our goal would be a dozen or so gifts that create a ‘pool’ resulting in an Executive Producer label for the B’ney Yosef Congress.  When the email comes requesting a name and picture for the poster, we will simply answer that we desire that ‘B’ney Yosef’ be listed.

Please join me!



These are interesting and heady prophecy laden days.  There is no question, we are living in one of the most interesting, if not THE most interesting time in history.  More focusprophecies are written of the latter days than even of the time of Messiah’s first coming.  And, by all outward appearances, we are living in the very days that those prophecies speak to.

I have heard many, many warnings concerning the near future, some dire.  I know and am aware of many who have been clearly directed to relocate…  some out of the country.  Still others, have been directed to specific preparations, etc…  And, through all of these reports and connections I hear voiced concerns and on occasion, fear.

At the same time I have pondered some of these things, I have also been very much pondering and discussing both home fellowships and community on this blog.  So, I wanted to share a little of what Pete Rambo is thinking in these days and what I am doing…  Or, what is my ‘focus?’ Continue reading “FOCUS!!!”

When division = growth…

Much has been said lately within the Messianic community of our need for unity and the need to learn to walk at peace with brothers who may not see eye to eye on non-essential issues.  We’ve written a couple times on this topic, including Learning to Color Within the Lines and Shooting Ourselves in the Foot.  Clearly, the usual thoughts on ‘division’ are contrary to ‘unity.’

Another topic recently broached is the need for the Messianic community to study and further understand home fellowships as a model for growth and community building, particularly as it seems that persecution is on the horizon.

One article I wrote on the topic, Church as We Know it is Over, presents the thought and promised some continuing articles.  As I have further pondered the topic this week, I have to admit that my thoughts have remained in an area that in my mind does not seem to be the most important part, yet I am compelled to explore it….  Continue reading “When division = growth…”

Church as we know it is over…

“Church as we know it is over.  And, maybe for the best…. “

In a recent post, I wrote the above quote as part of my thoughts concerning the recent Supreme Court ruling.  I have been pondering a number of aspects and this weekend, one of them came into sharp focus.

We had the good pleasure of hosting a couple from the lower part of the state who came to fellowship and spend Shabbat with us. Our prayer at the beginning of the weekend was that Abba would lead us and give us some direction as we considered options before us.  The Balak portion was interesting and provided good fodder for conversation considering some of the discussion on the table, but it was not until a late Shabbat afternoon conversation under the pecan trees that I felt a sense of clear direction.

Besides considering personal and family options and the very real possibility of becoming an expat, I have wrestled quite a bit with how to reach and help those being called out of the Church and into a closer walk with Messiah. Continue reading “Church as we know it is over…”