Daniel – Politics and Lions

A pride of lions

The young Hebrew prophet Daniel has risen to the top of the Medo-Persian government. By now, Daniel is not so young anymore but an older man recognized for his honesty and sagacity. He served Darius, the King of the Medes who had taken the city of Babylon as one of his top three officials who oversaw the satraps of the Medo-Persian Empire. In that capacity, he excelled to such an extent that King Darius was considering elevating him over the entire empire. Daniel’s political rivals, the other two chief officials and the satraps didn’t want this to happen. Because Daniel was incorruptible and performed his job with excellence, his rivals’ only option, as they saw it was to set a trap.

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Let the children (NOT!!) come unto me….

I received an email that touched a bit of a nerve.  Commenting on the pictures of our recent Shabbat gathering, my emailer lamented that the fellowship/group she gathers with has few children which are not much appreciated.  Among other things on the blog that struck her, she enjoyed seeing so many happy little faces, and we have a bunch of them.

Mazie Grace
Mazie Grace at our recent Shabbat under the pecans…

While I do not know her situation, I suspect it is much like a story I’ve heard multiple times from other fellowships:  ‘Children don’t like to study, they are a distraction, too much noise, short attention spans, etc…’  In their haste to belly up to the table of Truth, they have forgotten the most important task they have: training the next generation.

How sad.

I don’t really want to get on a soapbox, but I would remind all readers that the building block of a nation is family, and family includes children.  Our Messiah said, ‘Let the little children come and forbid them not…’  We should go to great lengths to make our fellowships very family friendly.  [The idea of ‘Sunday School’ and separating the children into a little groups is entirely contrary to Scripture and the Hebrew culture.  Sunday School is a modern invention that dumbs down our little ones and fosters cliques and isolation….  but, that is yet another soapbox.] Continue reading “Let the children (NOT!!) come unto me….”