o/ Can I get a witness? o/

So, I’m learning a new job that will have me doing some classroom instruction.  Typically, I can be anywhere in western SC with a class that will last four days or so.  Yesterday, as I shadow my trainer, I began with a class of 12, just north of Greenwood.

This morning, while setting up, I asked if there were any questions and a hand immediately went up.  The late 20’s lady hesitantly said, “Uhm, what, uhm, are those string things you have on your side?”

I smiled, inside and out, and took three minutes to quickly explain my background, what my tzitziot are, what they mean and where I get that from Scripture (Numbers 15:37-41).  At least seven of the students were very interested with one even asking to look more closely and ask follow on questions.

There is a debate that has gone on for a long, long time as to whether this command is a private or corporate command.  I.e., do I tuck them in and let them remind only me, or, as a peculiar people, do I wear them out as a reminder to others to keep the commandments and as a witness to who I am as a keeper of the Commandments.  Personally, I have always worn them out and been convicted of such.  I do not intent to fuel the debate so much as say, “If they had been tucked in, would I have had opportunity to give a witness to the veracity of the Torah and walking as the Messiah?”


Protestant Hypocrisy?

A friend sent me a copy of an article from the late 1890s.  While it is very interesting and telling, a citation from the Encyclopedia Britannica (doesn’t say which edition, but I guess circa early 1890s) really shakes up the ‘sola scriptura’ idea…  But, this blog has said this before.

Here is a portion of the article:

Inconsistency of Reformers.

    Thus the reformed churches, while professing to reject tradition for the pure Word of God, were led to deny their own position, by accepting Sunday on the authority of tradition only, and tradition directly opposed to the divine Word. It was the weakness caused by thus practically denying their own position that more than any other one thing arrested the progress of the Reformation. Draper says: “Toward the close of Luther’s life it seemed as if there was no other prospect for papal power than total ruin; yet at this day out of three hundred millions of Christians more than half owe allegiance to Rome. Almost as if by enchantment the Reformation suddenly ceased to advance. Rome was not only able to check its spread, but even to gain back a portion Continue reading “Protestant Hypocrisy?”

Jesus. False Messiah.

jesus-christ-70Have you ever stopped and pondered the fact that the ‘Jesus’ presented by christendom is really a false Messiah?

This will hopefully be a short post to simply point out some major inconsistencies in order to encourage the reader to deeper study on their own, apart from spoon fed fallacies from some pulpit.  Further, at the end, I will explain why this has monumental significance in YOUR life right now!  Today!

The first and most glaring identifier of a false Messiah is as simple as the name ‘Jesus.’  Some think this is not a ‘big deal,’ but we need to stop and remember we are talking about the King of the Universe.  He is the Lord of all creation and we can’t get His name right?

Let’s get this straight:  There is no letter ‘J’ in the Hebrew language….  Nope, not in Greek either.  Not even in Latin!!!  The letter ‘J’ doesn’t show up until the 1500s or so. Continue reading “Jesus. False Messiah.”

Tzitzits. A sign…

1342207464If you have done any research trying to understand the Hebrew roots of your faith, you have no doubt run into information on tzitzits.

Most everyone focuses on the commandment in Numbers 15:37-40 as a way of reminding themselves and others of the commandments, or mitzvot of our God.

Certainly, this is central, but lately Abba has placed His grace on me in another way as He reveals a secondary aspect of blessing from simple obedience.  What blessings?  Let me share!! Continue reading “Tzitzits. A sign…”