More on ‘Follow me Paul.’

We’ve discussed Rav Shaul, the Apostle Paul, several times recently.  Specifically, the question has been, “what was Rav Shaul’s example?”  He did say, ‘Imitate me as I imitate Messiah…’

Well, friend and commenter, hisloammi sent me a list with more ‘do as I do’ examples of Paul from Scripture.

  • Shaul (Paul) observed the Biblical feasts of Israel in accordance to the cycle and calendar of the Holy Temple.  (Acts 20:6)
  • Shaul (Paul) made the vow of a Nazirite in accordance to Torah observance.  (Acts 18:18)
  • Shaul (Paul) pays for ceremonial costs. (Acts 21:24)
  • Shaul (Paul) showed honor to the priesthood.  (Acts 23:5)
  • Shaul (Paul) paid his Temple tax (offering) Greek prosphora προσφορά = {presentation; concretely an oblation (bloodless) or sacrifice}.  (Acts 24:17)
  • Shaul (Paul) shows the leaders of the Messianic assembly in Jerusalem that he was still devoted toward the Temple. He assisted others in Temple services.  (Acts 21:23-26)
  • Shaul (Paul) kept the pilgrim feasts, to the point that he would stop his ministry work to attend.  (Acts 20:16; I Cor.16:8)
  • Shaul (Paul), while on trial, declared his ceremonial purity. (Acts 25:8;28:17)

I’ve heard some argue, ‘Oh, well, that’s because he was Jewish and was doing the Jewish custom.’

Uh, no.  That is a total FAIL considering none of the Torah is “Jewish custom.”  Christendom may regard it as custom, but that does not negate the fact it is the eternal Law of Yehovah, intended for all His people, whether native or foreigner.  The Jews may paint it as custom that defines them culturally, but that doesn’t change what it is, either.

Simply, as we have pointed out again and a again, Paul/Shaul, kept Torah and expected new believers to keep Torah as well.


Author: Pete Rambo

Details in 'About' page @ Basically, husband of one, father of four. Pastor x 11 years, former business and military background. Micro-farmer. Messianic believer in Yeshua haMashiach!

6 thoughts on “More on ‘Follow me Paul.’”

  1. Would to our Elohim that others would search the Word to SEE Truth instead of accepting what ever is spoon fed thru denominationalism and tradition. This is good and true Pete. How were we all so blind all those years?!!! But when the colored glasses are removed the Word takes on True Light. But I do know. When we are hungry for the Truth and search with all our hearts and are WILLING to do whatever it takes to know the Truth WE WILL FIND. Y’shua said to ‘count the cost’. It’s a price to pay. But oh! It is worth it all to know Him and His ways. The inheritance! with persecutions.


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