REVIVE2014, Day 1.

(Belated post…  internet access troubles…)

Wow! What a day!!

My head is so full already, but the buffet is still set for a couple more days, so we’ll continue to absorb as much as possible!

Previously, I linked the schedule of speakers and events while trying to decide who/what to see. Tough decisions. For starters, I chose Dr. Hollisa Alewine’s The Four Horsemen and the Beast was just fascinating in all the connections she made to Genesis and Torah. In two hours she completely reframed my perspective of much of Revelation, a thought process I plan to pursue. Just incredible!!

After her class, Kelly and I went to the Marketplace where about 25 or so vendors had displays. Lots of great stuff!! I’ll post links and names later when I have time.

In the early afternoon I heard Victor Schlatter speak on How Saved in the Jew? I look forward to reading and reviewing several of his books on various topics. His talk confirmed some of what I have been thinking regarding the Jew in the salvation plan. Frankly, his talk was a little scattered and more anecdotal than Scripture based, but what he had to say has encouraged me to pursue the topic further on my own.

Mid-afternoon I attended The Garden’s Pattern for Messiah by Tony Robinson. Like Hollisa, he is an excellent teacher that is fun to listen to and very engaging. Additionally, he gave away a couple copies of his new book, The Scroll of the Gospel of David, one of which I won. Can’t wait to dig into this book!!  His thematic studies connecting the Messiah to Gan Eden were very interesting with some new things I have never seen.

The evening session/opening main event was the highlight of the day!!  The worship team did an excellent job with a wonderful time of singing and praise!  While I would guess the crowd at 5 or 600, the dance circle on one side of the stage easily swelled to 150+ for much of the worship time.

Rico Cortes and Eddie Chumney were the main speakers, with Rico leading off.  His rousing message was a call to righteousness and justice.  Central to his call was a challenge that we carry out the weightier matters of the Torah even as we learn to walk in grace and righteousness allowing the King to sort our differences.  A personal line that I found challenging was his call for each of us to ask the King, “What is MY role in YOUR Kingdom?”  Truly, that is one cry of my heart.  What is MY role?  Each of us should be asking this very question at this crucial time in history!!

Eddie’s teaching was classic Chumney as he unpacked the Ten Virgins parable with a firehose spray of Scriptures.  I wrote as fast as I could and barely kept up!!  Very interesting, but will require more pondering and study as I have time.  A side note, I was at Eddie’s table watching him have a discussion with a gentleman from South Africa.  As Eddie explained his points he was turning from verse to verse in an extremely well worn Bible that had no marks in it.  I found myself coveting his command of the Scriptures and a Bible so well thumbed!!  If there is something worthy of note, it is a Bible that is well used!!

In the coming weeks, as I have time to drift back through notes, I will take time to write about specific topics and thoughts prompted by this conference.  I have taken copious scribbled notes with numerous markings in the margins denoting topics of tangential thoughts I want to pursue!  Lots of fodder for future posts!!

More later!!

Author: Pete Rambo

Details in 'About' page @ Basically, husband of one, father of four. Pastor x 11 years, former business and military background. Micro-farmer. Messianic believer in Yeshua haMashiach!

6 thoughts on “REVIVE2014, Day 1.”

  1. So glad for your time of refreshing at Revive. Hope Kelly is getting same. Had a tov Shabbat. Roger had good Torah study. Left him with question to answer.


    1. Glad to hear Roger did well! I know he is a terrific teacher… Looking forward to more from him. Sorry it wasn’t recorded!!

      Kelly is participating in everything. In some cases she is attending different sessions depending on her interests… etc.

      Thanks for the blessings and prayer!!


  2. Awesome, can’t wait for you share in person at Torah study. We missed you guys and Roger did a wonderful job, left me wanting to learn more about the Red Heifer 🙂


    1. Looking forward to sharing! Guessing it will be hard to really cover beyond an overview, but parts will spill out in all teaching for a while! Lots of good stuff!!


  3. Glad you all are having a blessed/wonderful time at the conference!! Jack just started The Scroll of David. So far he says it’s great! Lots of information he never knew before now. I’ve read bits and pieces but will wait for jack to finish. Enjoy the rest of your time!
    Shalom and Blessings!


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