MUST HEAR interview by Dr. Rivkah Lambert Adler!!

frontaug-8Guys!!  I am so excited about Dr. Adler’s new book coming out that I can barely sleep!  Right now I am listening to a podcast with Gene Porter as they discuss the book, Dr. Adler’s background and this crazy Torah awakening!!  You have got to hear this!!…and-counting-34f045285/episode/RIVKAH-LAMBERT-ADLER-ISRAEL-0741

Further, not only is this exciting, but she has the next book in the hopper!!

Ten From the Nations is HUGE and you need to get ready to order your copy.  The release is a mere couple weeks away!  I just wish I could be in Jerusalem for the launch!!

Understanding boundaries…. Protocol part 1

Deu. 19:14 “You shall not move your neighbor’s boundary mark, which the ancestors have set, in your inheritance which you will inherit in the land that the Lord your God gives you to possess.

Over the course of 25 year of marriage and numerous moves, especially while were still in the military and shortly thereafter, we purchased and sold

Not my plat….

multiple residences.  In the real estate transaction there was always a plat, or written/drawn record of the surveyed boundary markers that was filed in the local county courthouse.  With each purchase, I would go out and find the physical markers on the ground so that I knew exactly where the boundaries of my property were.  The markers would be metal spikes in the pavement, rebar driven into the ground and flags or PVC markers.

In ancient times, property markers might be a physical feature such as a huge well established tree or a large immovable rock, or the markers might be a pile of stones or a fence line.  While some were considerably less mobile than others, Scripture warns of moving markers that are established by the ancestors.

In Israel, there were a number of instructions from the Father about boundaries and land ownership.  Besides the important verse cited above prohibiting the theft of a neighbor’s property by moving markers, there were certain prohibitions against selling property to other tribes and even to other families within one’s own tribe/clan.  Only under certain rare conditions could property be transferred, and that by legal means with the elders at the gate. Continue reading “Understanding boundaries…. Protocol part 1”

Transitioning from congregations to communities

I received a somewhat cryptic text yesterday morning from a dear friend and regular reader.

By definition, moving a large grouip 'by their hosts' requires organization and leaders. Exampled here in picture are Americans troops marching down the Champs Elysees upon the liberation of Paris.
By definition, moving a large group ‘by their hosts’ requires organization and leaders. Exampled here in picture are Americans troops marching down the Champs-Elysees upon the liberation of Paris.

It said,

Bney thought on second exodus-last parsha in 6:26 says they left out in their ranks… not as a mish mosh…..  There was leadership in place.

The single criticism I have heard most often of B’ney Yosef is that it is not our job to become organized.  The Mashiach, according to general criticism, does everything.  We don’t need to do anything, we simply need to, in the words of another good friend, “decide what flavor ice cream we want.”

While I have long been convinced that the Messiah doesn’t magically snap his fingers and make everything better, I am increasingly understanding that the transition from this age to the Messianic age will require a considerable amount of sweat on our part and a willingness to work.  Hard.  And, that includes the hard work of humbling ourselves and coming together to walk in unity!  And, coming together requires organization.

Following is a terrific article by Ephraim and Rimona Frank about what this transition might look like.  Continue reading “Transitioning from congregations to communities”