Word of the Day… “Compersion”

Ok I’ll be honest…I had never heard this word before reading a blog post from a second wife in a polygynist family. So what IS it? Put simply, compersion is the OPPOSITE of jealousy! I’ve touched on jealousy before on this blog, but how do we actually rid our minds of this destructive emotion? Easier said than done, as they say. It takes work…INNER work. Just you, with the help of Yah, facing the ugly truth of your heart. I invite you to visit the original article, as the author does an excellent job of “showing her work”(remember math class? :))


Author: Robin Hardman

Mom, grandma, sister, friend. Lover of my Messiah THE LIVING WORD! Oh yeah...Postal retiree too. :)

2 thoughts on “Word of the Day… “Compersion””

  1. good article Robin….one thing I would like to midrash, is the difference between ‘jealous’ and ‘zealous’ …I think I heard you mention it but I need refreshed…Elohim of Israel is ‘jealous’ for His people but could maybe better be said ‘zealous’ for His peole…


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