Elijah and running the race..

Elijah has long been a fascination for me!! My long time readers Eliyahuknow that a couple years ago I wrote a seven part series titled Elijah, Significance in the End Times.  While a long read, it really explores much Scripture and pictures in Scripture that deal directly with the end times.

There is no question that Elijah, or the spirit of Elijah plays a major role in the last days.  The last three verses of the Old Testament have very clear references to Moses, Torah, Elijah and the Great Day of the Lord.  We explored that a bit one time.  Even a very popular Christian praise song declares the significance of the days and connects them to Elijah, Moses and Ezekiel…  Again, we wrote on that.  Amazingly, even the author of that song does not understand the significance of the very words he penned!!

Well, yesterday I saw an exceptional video Continue reading “Elijah and running the race..”