REVIVE2014, Day 1.

(Belated post…  internet access troubles…)

Wow! What a day!!

My head is so full already, but the buffet is still set for a couple more days, so we’ll continue to absorb as much as possible!

Previously, I linked the schedule of speakers and events while trying to decide who/what to see. Tough decisions. For starters, I chose Dr. Hollisa Alewine’s The Four Horsemen and the Beast was just fascinating in all the connections she made to Genesis and Torah. In two hours she completely reframed my perspective of much of Revelation, a thought process I plan to pursue. Just incredible!!

After her class, Kelly and I went to the Marketplace where about 25 or so vendors had displays. Lots of great stuff!! I’ll post links and names later when I have time.

In the early afternoon I heard Victor Schlatter speak on How Saved in the Jew? I look forward to reading and reviewing several of his books on various topics. His talk confirmed some of what I have been thinking regarding the Jew in the salvation plan. Frankly, his talk was a little scattered and more anecdotal than Scripture based, but what he had to say has encouraged me to pursue the topic further on my own. Continue reading “REVIVE2014, Day 1.”

REVIVE2014 Hebraic Roots Conference

The annual Revive conference is next weekend.  This will be the first I have been able to attend…  Can’t wait!!

If any of my friends on here are planning to attend, please hunt me down.  Would love to meet and talk!!  My wife and I will be staying in the host hotel!!

If you haven’t made plans, there is still time!  Here is the schedule for the weekend and other details!!

Evolution v. Intelligent Design and Shifting Paradigms

Recently, a friend in our fellowship loaned me a neat documentary titled, Unlocking the Mystery of Life.  The premise is a conversation with leading scientists who, as adherents to the Theory of Evolution, began to find alternate truth in their research.  Each relates parts of their journey from ‘evolutionist’ to a belief they collectively refer to as ‘intelligent design.’homersapien

The information presented in the video, as well as the excellent animation of molecular structures, etc, is fascinating, both as a general overview of the strong case for intelligent design and as an example of how new/deeper understanding can lead to a paradigm shift. Through the documentary we meet established, published and well respected scientists, some the world leaders in their field, who came to a point when they realized that the evidence they were seeing did not fit the evolutionary paradigm they were inculcated/indoctrinated with.  They had a choice… Continue reading “Evolution v. Intelligent Design and Shifting Paradigms”

STOP building suburbs in Babylon!!

While preparing this week’s lesson for our Shabbat fellowship, I was reading a study by Eddie Chumney and contemplating the sin of harlotry and how we, the people of YHWH, have such a propensity for it.  At the end of his study there is an amazing prayer that just moved me to tears.  It is a simple compilation of Scripture.  I encourage you to read, ponder and even pray this prayer.

[Opening comment] I think it is time to stop building suburbs in Babylon and “come out of her My people”. May we join Daniel, who was on his face praying, while still in Babylon:

“O YHVH righteousness belongs to You, but to us shame of face, as it is this day–to the men of Judah, to the Inhabitants of Jerusalem and all Israel, those near and those far off in all the countries to which You have driven us, because of the unfaithfulness which we have committed against You. We have sinned and committed iniquity, we have done wickedly and rebelled, even by departing from Your precepts Continue reading “STOP building suburbs in Babylon!!”