MUST HEAR interview by Dr. Rivkah Lambert Adler!!

frontaug-8Guys!!  I am so excited about Dr. Adler’s new book coming out that I can barely sleep!  Right now I am listening to a podcast with Gene Porter as they discuss the book, Dr. Adler’s background and this crazy Torah awakening!!  You have got to hear this!!…and-counting-34f045285/episode/RIVKAH-LAMBERT-ADLER-ISRAEL-0741

Further, not only is this exciting, but she has the next book in the hopper!!

Ten From the Nations is HUGE and you need to get ready to order your copy.  The release is a mere couple weeks away!  I just wish I could be in Jerusalem for the launch!!

“If you do your part…” (part 2)

Or, ‘What is a pushkan?’

Yesterday, I gave a little background from a discussion over the weekend at the North Georgia National Shabbat gathering.  Tzefanyah led off the discussion with the statement, “If you do your part, God does His…”

IMG_20151114_170703603Nearing the end of the discussion, Tzefanyah asked that a box on a chair off to the side be passed forward.  Once he received it, he began relating a little of the history of the ‘pushkan,’ a Yiddish word meaning ‘box or can.’

While the history of a collection box for specific purposes can be traced all the way back into the repairs made on the first Temple, the charitable acts the idea is based on goes back even further to our father, Abraham.  It was from this long history of collection for various charities in every synagogue that the idea developed for a ‘pushkan‘ in every home before the founding of modern Israel to help fund the effort.

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B’ney Yosef Region 35 Conference

Central US and I-35 corridor, this is a message for you:

Here is the information many of you have been waiting to hear:

What:  B’Ney Yosef Region 35 Conference, with emphasis on nation-building, particularly on reconciliation within the entire Body of Messiah

When:  Friday, December 4 to Sunday, December 6, 2015.

Where:  Tally Retreat Center, Camp Copass, 8200 E. McKinney St., Denton, TX 76208.  Information on the facility is available at:

Who:  The invitation extends to everyone in the Body of Messiah who has a love for Israel and desires to see the restoration of the Kingdom of God (Matthew 6:33).  This includes not only Hebrew Roots believers, but also Christian and Messianic Jewish brothers and sisters, primarily from the I-35 Corridor (states of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, and Minnesota).

Capacity:  300 people, including overnight guests and participants for the day only.

More details at

Pray for this conference and if you are in this region/corridor, strongly consider attending this very important event.


More on the Jerusalem Post ‘Bney Yosef Advert’

Two recent blog posts have generated some good discussion and a fair amount of traffic.

Yesterday’s Nationality, Citizenship and The Kingdom, as well as last month’s Jerusalem Post: “Yosef is Alive!!”  JPost ad 1

This evening, friend and fellow blogger, Dorothy Wilson, forwarded an email from Kol Hator explaining a bit on their position concerning the return and what flack they are taking for stepping forward with a bold declaration that the ten lost tribes are non-Jewish and coming out of JPost ad 2Christendom.  I am NOT endorsing the website or their position, I am offering this for further discussion and as a clear statement revealing the things we need to be praying for as we see Abba working this restoration from both sides, Jew and Non.

Our Succot Full Page Advert ‘Yosef Lives’ may not have unleashed a storm, but it certainly raised eyebrows. Like with all solid promotion,  it is the change of set ideas which make a lasting difference. And this is seldom reported back to source.  Feed-back and comments received all point to such a healthy reception.  We have also had the advert printed as hand-out brochures and several people assisted in distributing these on the day of the March of the Nations during Succot through the streets of Jerusalem.

Of course, there were concerns raised: Why this, why that? Why the NT Book promotion in the advert.?

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Nationality, Citizenship and The Kingdom

Lately, I have been pondering anew BYNC2015my nationality, citizenship and Kingdom affiliation.  Most would consider me an American citizen, of American descent, however, I do not.  Yes, I was born here, to American citizens who come from families that arrived on this shore in the 1640s and 1740s, but I no longer consider this my home, or my nation.

In the very late 1980’s and early 1990’s I served in the US Army and was deployed both to Korea and Saudi Arabia/Iraq.  I had previously lived for six years on the missionfield in Colombia, South America with my bush pilot father and midwife mother.  The combination of the two experiences gave me a very different picture of the United States than the average nationalist.  I saw things from an external vantage point that caused the patriotic patina to begin wearing off.

While I still appreciate this country and the blessings it affords, I have come to the very real conclusion that this is not my home.  Christendom teaches rightly that we are citizens of a higher Kingdom and for years I sought to understand this, being forced to wait for something on the other side of the veil of death.  Once I began to search the Scriptures from an Hebraic perspective, I learned several very important things:

  • The Kingdom, to which Yeshua referred, is not some other-worldly, post Judgment/resurrection, ethereal heavenlies entity, though its fullness will be manifest after the final Judgment.  Rather, The Kingdom is the much prophesied restoration of the tent of David with Him, the Son of David, seated on the throne, and that prior to Judgment Day.
  • Being ‘grafted in,’ does not make me part of something other than Israel (the Church?), rather, it makes me part of Israel.  (The Church hasn’t replaced Israel, rather, when Scripture is rightly understood, those coming to faith in Messiah are grafted into Israel.)
  • Israel is composed of two distinct parts that are ‘echad,’ unified:  The House of Israel and the House of Judah, the Northern and Southern Kingdoms, respectively, each with its own destiny/path toward the final restored Tent of David.

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