Can These Bones Live?

Announcing 2016 Shavuot Tour & Conference

by Commonwealth of Yisrael

Shavuot Conf Flyer

The first major gathering of Yehudah & Yoseph in modern times: JUNE 7­ – 15 including 3 Day Conference in Jerusalem, 12 Tribe Biblical Heritage & Redemption Tour, Joint Shavuot Activities and Shabbat Dinner. Also included will be a Magen David Adom blood drive to contribute to saving lives in the land of Israel in the name of Yehudah and Yoseph. Please read below for details and pricing. Continue reading “Can These Bones Live?”

Some thoughts from Joseph….

My longtime readers know that the Joseph portions are my favorite.  Two years ago, I wrote a number of detailed posts considering the life of Joseph as a prophecy of Yeshua.  Those three parts are here, here and here.  Very important!

Later I added, Jesus said, “Walk like an Egyptian!”, kind of an odd twist.

Each time I have studied the Joseph portions, I have considered Joseph and not so much the characters around him.  This time I am trying to shift my focus and see the past him to understand other bits….

Today I have two interesting, but yet unexplored thoughts to share.

  • Gen. 37:2.  Joseph’s bad report was of Bilhah and Zilpah’s sons, not Leah’s as I had previously understood….  Interesting.  How does that change my thoughts on Reuben?  Hmmmm.  And, why the sons of the concubines and not Leah?  There is a reason, but why?
  • Gen. 38 seems an odd interjection in the prophetic image Joseph projects, unless this story, too, is prophetic of Judah during the last 2000 years.  I really need to ponder this one, but on initial examination it appears to have legs.  This is a delicate matter to explore as we must consider the history of Judah apart from Joseph/Yeshua, but it may be a worthy endeavor.

More as I have time to ponder.

Thoughts?  Ideas?  Comments?

More on the Jerusalem Post ‘Bney Yosef Advert’

Two recent blog posts have generated some good discussion and a fair amount of traffic.

Yesterday’s Nationality, Citizenship and The Kingdom, as well as last month’s Jerusalem Post: “Yosef is Alive!!”  JPost ad 1

This evening, friend and fellow blogger, Dorothy Wilson, forwarded an email from Kol Hator explaining a bit on their position concerning the return and what flack they are taking for stepping forward with a bold declaration that the ten lost tribes are non-Jewish and coming out of JPost ad 2Christendom.  I am NOT endorsing the website or their position, I am offering this for further discussion and as a clear statement revealing the things we need to be praying for as we see Abba working this restoration from both sides, Jew and Non.

Our Succot Full Page Advert ‘Yosef Lives’ may not have unleashed a storm, but it certainly raised eyebrows. Like with all solid promotion,  it is the change of set ideas which make a lasting difference. And this is seldom reported back to source.  Feed-back and comments received all point to such a healthy reception.  We have also had the advert printed as hand-out brochures and several people assisted in distributing these on the day of the March of the Nations during Succot through the streets of Jerusalem.

Of course, there were concerns raised: Why this, why that? Why the NT Book promotion in the advert.?

Continue reading “More on the Jerusalem Post ‘Bney Yosef Advert’”