“If you do your part…” (part 2)

Or, ‘What is a pushkan?’

Yesterday, I gave a little background from a discussion over the weekend at the North Georgia National Shabbat gathering.  Tzefanyah led off the discussion with the statement, “If you do your part, God does His…”

IMG_20151114_170703603Nearing the end of the discussion, Tzefanyah asked that a box on a chair off to the side be passed forward.  Once he received it, he began relating a little of the history of the ‘pushkan,’ a Yiddish word meaning ‘box or can.’

While the history of a collection box for specific purposes can be traced all the way back into the repairs made on the first Temple, the charitable acts the idea is based on goes back even further to our father, Abraham.  It was from this long history of collection for various charities in every synagogue that the idea developed for a ‘pushkan‘ in every home before the founding of modern Israel to help fund the effort.

And, that is where Tzefanyah was going. Continue reading ““If you do your part…” (part 2)”