SC National Shabbat today…

Exodus Road is setting up and we are getting organized.  People coming in…

Today, 12 to 6 at Buncombe Street UMC, Greenville,  SC, National Shabbat.   Join us in worship, fellowship and proclaiming the name of our King as we gather from across SC, parts of GA and NC.

Update pics will be coming.

Videos from SC National Shabbat, and a letter…

A little while ago Sarah Washburn sent me a link to her YouTube page where she has uploaded a number of videos of dance and music from the recent SC national Shabbat.  Here are a couple with a link following for more on her page.  Also, see below for a special open letter from Tom Washburn!

More videos and letter follow…

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SC National Shabbat: My Thoughts

Sunday and Monday I was just plain exhausted and it was very hard to think about our National Shabbat gathering, never mind begin to process and share some thoughts…  While I am still recovering (12+ hour work days make restful Shabbats that much more precious), I am beginning to put together some thoughts that may prove valuable.  The following are in no particular order and may be a bit random, but I want to share some lessons, ideas, thanks, etc.

wp-1449372586016.jpegI was overwhelmed by the response and am confident that Abba’s people, and particularly the Messianic community are prepared and yearning for fellowship of the kind we experienced December 5th at the SC National Shabbat.  Clearly, it is more than just me or a few of us who desire to begin building bridges and coming out of our corners to be echad (unified, but not necessarily uniform). As a guesstimate, there were about 225 people there, but most everyone I spoke with knew of others who wanted to attend but for one reason or another were not able.  Essentially, the numbers could have easily been doubled.  What a glorious turnout with all praise and thanks go to our King!

In the weeks leading up to the day, we all prayed a good bit for beautiful weather.  When searching for a host site, Abba led us to Ron Cowart’s campground Continue reading “SC National Shabbat: My Thoughts”

Announcing National Shabbat in SC!!

South Carolina will have its inaugural National Shabbat in December.  Currently we are trying to secure live music and a place in the Columbia area.  Our goal is the first or second Shabbat in December.  Stay tuned for details, and begin putting the word out to all Messianic and Hebrew roots believers in the SC, NC and Georgia areas!!  All are invited.

Our goal is a day of worship, bridge-building and fellowship between those from this region with a hope to begin fostering a sense of community and cohesiveness among the many fellowships and congregations across South Carolina and the surrounding areas.

More info will be released as soon as we have a venue secured.  Pray Abba provides exactly what we need for fellowship, worship, dancing, children and food prep….

If you have access or ideas, etc, please drop me a note.

Nationality, Citizenship and The Kingdom

Lately, I have been pondering anew BYNC2015my nationality, citizenship and Kingdom affiliation.  Most would consider me an American citizen, of American descent, however, I do not.  Yes, I was born here, to American citizens who come from families that arrived on this shore in the 1640s and 1740s, but I no longer consider this my home, or my nation.

In the very late 1980’s and early 1990’s I served in the US Army and was deployed both to Korea and Saudi Arabia/Iraq.  I had previously lived for six years on the missionfield in Colombia, South America with my bush pilot father and midwife mother.  The combination of the two experiences gave me a very different picture of the United States than the average nationalist.  I saw things from an external vantage point that caused the patriotic patina to begin wearing off.

While I still appreciate this country and the blessings it affords, I have come to the very real conclusion that this is not my home.  Christendom teaches rightly that we are citizens of a higher Kingdom and for years I sought to understand this, being forced to wait for something on the other side of the veil of death.  Once I began to search the Scriptures from an Hebraic perspective, I learned several very important things:

  • The Kingdom, to which Yeshua referred, is not some other-worldly, post Judgment/resurrection, ethereal heavenlies entity, though its fullness will be manifest after the final Judgment.  Rather, The Kingdom is the much prophesied restoration of the tent of David with Him, the Son of David, seated on the throne, and that prior to Judgment Day.
  • Being ‘grafted in,’ does not make me part of something other than Israel (the Church?), rather, it makes me part of Israel.  (The Church hasn’t replaced Israel, rather, when Scripture is rightly understood, those coming to faith in Messiah are grafted into Israel.)
  • Israel is composed of two distinct parts that are ‘echad,’ unified:  The House of Israel and the House of Judah, the Northern and Southern Kingdoms, respectively, each with its own destiny/path toward the final restored Tent of David.

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