The Epidemic of FatherLESSness

The primary focus of 113Restoration is the Restoration of kol Israel through the restoration of the most basic building block of culture and society: Family. And, more specifically, rebuilding marriage and the man.

Scripture clearly articulates that the ‘sin problem’ stems from Adam (Rom. 5:12-19), and the ‘fix,’ begins with redemption in the Second Adam (Yeshua) and is carried forth through the rebuilding of all ‘Adams’ and their families.

We, at 113Restoration, have focused on marriage and the proper roles of man and woman, and these will continue to be a focus. However, it is necessary to expand our scope to address the broader roles of husband/father and wife/mother. I’ve personally felt the need for this in our fellowship and immediate circle as the Father continues to place GREAT resources in my path that deal with masculinity and its many facets. To that end, some of the fathers and sons in our fellowship are planning a weekend hiking and studying masculinity and the Biblical mandate for dominion. We are taking intentional steps to strengthen the masculinity and sharpen the vision of our sons.

I will be sharing some of our lessons to encourage you to take similar steps in your fellowships and circles of influence. The time for men to stand up is well overdue, but not too late. We must move forward right now from whatever point we are at. This requires personal study and focus on masculinity and intentional focus on our sons.

[Daughters will be discussed at length here as well, I just do not personally have any, so that learning curve may be a bit steeper for me.. 😉 ]

By way of introducing some of the recent resources that have been laid in my lap concerning masculinity, I want to strongly recommend you read Jacob Pippin’s article, The Epidemic of Fatherlessness, recently published on Eric Conn’s excellent blog. And, while you are there, sign up for or bookmark his podcast page, then scroll down and listen to Men are Made for Dominion. I’ll be writing on this very soon… Maybe you can process and then see if we come up with similar notes.

Another amazing resource that directly addresses one of our core issues – feminism – is the It’s Good To Be A Man blog. It is LOADED with deep insightful articles that address multiple facets of masculinity, the Biblical mandates, and our cultural embrace of destructive feminism. Highly recommended!!!

Join us as we continue this journey of restoration and the implications for kol Israel! Together, let us build our families, our sons and daughters, and our communities!


Author: Pete Rambo

Details in 'About' page @ Basically, husband of one, father of four. Pastor x 11 years, former business and military background. Micro-farmer. Messianic believer in Yeshua haMashiach!

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