The Moving Cloud and Difficult Truth


Numbers 9:15-23 explains in detail the travel habits of the Children of Israel in the wilderness.  The abbreviated version is that they followed the Pillar of Cloud.  When the Cloud moved, they moved.  When the Cloud stood still, they camped.

Some camp locations were mere days long. Others, like Kadesh Barnea, were lengthy, up to 19 years.

Imagine having lived in a location for a year or two and the cloud suddenly moved.  You would have had to make the decision to move or to stay.  While most moved, I am sure that there were those who, at every move, decided to stay put.  Kadesh must have been the hardest!  Houses had been built, stables had been fortified and even orchards planted and harvested from.  Then, boom!, time to move.

This Hebrew roots/Messianic walk is much like that journey through the wilderness.  We’ve been pulled out of Egypt in a glorious but difficult awakening, but then we are asked to move and move and move again as the Father reveals more and increasingly difficult pieces of Truth.  Each revealing of truth is much like the Cloud lifting and bidding us to trust and step out in faith to the next step in a journey toward the restoration of all Israel.  Sometimes, those steps are easy as we have not become comfortable with the newest location we find ourselves.  Other times, the Cloud might lead us through very challenging paradigm shifts that are painful.

When the Cloud lifts and begins to move, we can choose to follow and trust the Almighty in the journey HE is directing, or we can recall friends left behind and the ridiculing voices in Egypt who mocked our initial exodus and choose not to follow the Cloud on the next stage of the journey.

I choose to follow the Cloud, even when some new truths learned are extremely difficult or paradigm-shifting.  How about you?

Author: Pete Rambo

Details in 'About' page @ Basically, husband of one, father of four. Pastor x 11 years, former business and military background. Micro-farmer. Messianic believer in Yeshua haMashiach!

8 thoughts on “The Moving Cloud and Difficult Truth”

  1. Absolutely agree, Pete! Your book, Repairing the Breach was the key to our beginning the journey just about a year ago.. The Ruach was beginning to show us, as we asked to be shown the truth, but your book was the key.. we have grown so much, and still have a long way to go. We will be in Jerusalem for Sukkot this year.( plane tickets purchased and hotel reserved). I just know we are supposed to be there, and hopefully nothing will prevent that. Will be there about a month.. So excited to see where we will eventually ( I believe) all live..

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  2. This is a perfect description of what we are experiencing “in the wilderness.” By “we” I mean all of us who have been drawn to this path. Yes, I will follow the Cloud. (if you can edit your reply above, you may wish to change ‘rake out’ to ‘take our’ – and possibly eliminate this parenthetical from my comment, too…)

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  3. Love this post! Seems like we sometimes face this choice often in simular ways. Stay rooted in Messiah and let him lead us daily to move in faith. Or stay with what we know or the enemy sews in us and make our own way. More and more He roots out what i think i know until all i know is He has the answers and i trust Him to lead even if it doesn’t make since to my earthly mind. Thanks for this insight as to what it must have been like. They did seem to be a stubborn lot at times. What would i have done? Im asking myself these days if Israel opens the door to us for aliah, will we go? If He says go ill see you there🔯😃 Blessings!!!

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