Who dares, wins!!

Colonel David Stirling, founder of the British SAS, pioneered the modern military understanding and employment of special forces personnel.  His mix of highly trained very small units operating audaciously in an unconventional manner led to very high success rates in facing off the Germans in WWII.  Stirling is credited with the SAS motto, ‘Who Dares, Wins!’

RLTWWell readers, lately I (and others near me) have taken flak from a couple quarters for being willing to associate myself (ourselves) with individuals some would regard as the enemy.  So, as a note of reassurance and as a warning that there will be rock throwers on this journey, I want to tell you, ‘Who dares, wins!!’  (Another, and more dear way to say this is ‘Rangers Lead The Way!!)

Christendom has a long history of throwing Judah under the bus and trying to force them to minimally see things ‘our way,’ or worse, convert to Christianity, leaving the ‘antiquated Torah’ behind. Even today, there are many in the Messianic that haven’t figured out that 1800+ years of failed Christian mission to the Jews has NOT produced good fruit.  Maybe, just maybe, it is time to rethink our approach.  And, for acting on that conviction, I/we dodge eggs and rocks.

One of the recent egg throwing episodes was shared with me this morning and honestly, my reaction was to laugh.  Considering the host of one show had only to Google ‘Pete Rambo’ and have my name come up as the top five hits, it is instructive to note that he prefers throwing stones to doing simple research.  He gives himself away in the first twenty seconds of this clip as not having simply read the bio on my blog, the number ONE hit on Google.  WOW!!

I want you to watch this clip as an example of rock throwing, then we can talk a bit about it, because we are going to see more of it and need to be prepared so that we not react improperly.

Besides not knowing how to pronounce Hanoch’s name, probably used by me in the clip that they don’t link or share so that my/our conversation can provide proper context, Hegg further displays his lack of knowledge by not realizing Hanoch has been around for years, quite possibly since Hegg was a teenager.  I just laughed!


Classic egg thrower!  Knee-jerk, no research reaction.  But it makes for good radio….  Who cares whether or not it is the whole truth.

But, Rob and Caleb are not my purpose here.  They are just an amusing example.

Our purpose is to consider: Who dares, wins!

We live in a most amazing time in history!  Prophecy is literally unfolding before open eyes.  And, those willing to step out and buck tradition, those with no fear of being wrong will get to view it from the very front row.  Who dares, wins!

Christendom is safe.  It is largely unchanged in 1800 years.  Judaism is fairly safe…  It has more than 2400 years of nearly staid positions.  And, we have status quo.  Walls, division and mistrust.  But safety is where most prefer to sit.

Not me!  I believe followers of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, should not be so reticent to find common ground.

I guess it is easier to throw stones than to take a risk…  Me?  I love special operations and am willing to be wrong.  Who dares, wins!!

Dear reader, be aware!  As we move forward in BYNA seeking to gather non-Jewish Torah keepers, we are going to have eggs, stones and maybe more thrown at us!  Having the audacity to enter into conversation with Judah, if only for the purpose of understanding, will draw even more heated fire.  Be prepared.  Further, when we have negative voices, like the one exampled above, do enough research to find out if a) they even know what they are talking about, and b) whether or not they rightly understand what they are talking about.

There are a LOT of differing OPINIONS floating around.  Intentionally remaining divided from each other or from Judah just because they don’t exactly agree with our little corner of the theological market place is a serious problem.  Creating division and discord by spreading false or unresearched/unverified information is even more serious.

Let us be a people of peace and prayer who are open to being used of the King for mighty works of reconciliation, regardless of the rock and egg throwers.  We speak truth in love, but understand that the consequence of standing tall is being a target.

And, we remember, Who dares, wins!!

Author: Pete Rambo

Details in 'About' page @ natsab.wordpress.com Basically, husband of one, father of four. Pastor x 11 years, former business and military background. Micro-farmer. Messianic believer in Yeshua haMashiach!

8 thoughts on “Who dares, wins!!”

    1. FYI: For those interested, there is a little discussion going on in the above linked YouTube video’s comments section… I have asked that Rob and Caleb produce the alleged video clip. Now, I am waiting.


  1. Just look at what we thought was truth & we have walked out of…we are on a journey of learning & unlearning on this return to the ancient paths. I am so grateful that scriptures promise when Messiah returns HE will teach all things! May you have loDs of joy & shalom for the journey! 😊


  2. Shalom, dear Brother. Only one does remove the blinders, deafness, and hardness. But, oh when it happens, what joy! Then the more received, the more is revealed, and the more is opened. It just doesn’t seem to stop. Gets more vivid and exciting all the time. Praise His Great Name!


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