Restoring kol Israel: How we ‘disable’ our children

“What’s the use? I’m gonna die anyway?”

His reply to my question was rather listless.

It started after Shabbat when I asked a young man in our fellowship what he wanted to study for and do when he finished school. He just shrugged his shoulders and said, “What’s the use? I’m gonna die anyway?”

I probed him with a couple more questions to diagnose the problem and quickly figured out that he was deeply concerned about the state of the world and the coming Great Tribulation. In his mind, there is nothing much to live for.

Why try?

My immediate response was a vigorous reminder that we have at least 1000 years to go! The Tribulation is not the end. It is a beginning!! A beginning to the millennial reign! Others gathered around, wondering what the hubbub was, and it turned into a wonderful impromptu lesson for all who had lingered.

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Who dares, wins!!

Colonel David Stirling, founder of the British SAS, pioneered the modern military understanding and employment of special forces personnel.  His mix of highly trained very small units operating audaciously in an unconventional manner led to very high success rates in facing off the Germans in WWII.  Stirling is credited with the SAS motto, ‘Who Dares, Wins!’

RLTWWell readers, lately I (and others near me) have taken flak from a couple quarters for being willing to associate myself (ourselves) with individuals some would regard as the enemy.  So, as a note of reassurance and as a warning that there will be rock throwers on this journey, I want to tell you, ‘Who dares, wins!!’  (Another, and more dear way to say this is ‘Rangers Lead The Way!!)

Christendom has a long history of throwing Judah under the bus and trying to force them to minimally see things ‘our way,’ or worse, convert to Christianity, leaving the ‘antiquated Torah’ behind. Even today, there are many in the Messianic that haven’t figured out that 1800+ years of failed Christian mission to the Jews has NOT produced good fruit.  Maybe, just maybe, it is time to rethink our approach.  And, for acting on that conviction, I/we dodge eggs and rocks.

One of the recent egg throwing episodes was shared with me this morning and honestly, my reaction was to laugh.  Considering the host of one show had only to Google ‘Pete Rambo’ and have my name come up as the top five hits, it is instructive to note that he prefers throwing stones to doing simple research.  He gives himself away in the first twenty seconds of this clip Continue reading “Who dares, wins!!”