Are YOU ready to pass the Smell test?

Recently, a Jewish young man had a near death experience during which he reports seeing and learning many things.  I’ll find a link to the extended interview to post below, but here is a neat short clip used by Ahavat Ammi to make the point that the Messiah will judge by smell…  a concept largely foreign to Christendom.

Watch this 3 minute clip, then check out the below linked article from a couple years ago that explains how this is a very real possibility in how the Messiah judges people.  Very interesting.

It is fascinating to see from the long version of this young man’s interview that he has literally no Scriptural background, yet he accurately portrays the two witnesses, the Mount splitting in two, the Mashiach being recognized by all, Him being sinless, etc, etc….

More interestingly, he says the Mashiach judges by smell, an idea we explored two years ago on this blog.

Long story short, this is some fascinating stuff!  Hold with an open hand, but also be very serious about living righteously.  We may not be saved by works, but our works will be judged according to what the Torah calls ‘righteousness.’



Full version:

Author: Pete Rambo

Details in 'About' page @ Basically, husband of one, father of four. Pastor x 11 years, former business and military background. Micro-farmer. Messianic believer in Yeshua haMashiach!

10 thoughts on “Are YOU ready to pass the Smell test?”

  1. ac. to “the Messiah will judge by smell…” I want to make an additional input. (though I wasn’t aware of what you discussed 2 years ago related to the issue. Here is my 2 cents: A Fragrance of Mashiach to Alahim
    Now thanks be to Alahim who always leads us in triumph in Mashiach, and through us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge . . . For we are to Alahim the fragrance of Mashiach. (2Co_2:14-15)
    In addition to the characteristic of triumphant living, Alahim also wants to mark our lives with the fragrance of Mashiach. “Now thanks be to Alahim who always leads us in triumph in Mashiach, and through us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge.”
    Just as there are physical fragrances that can be noticed by our physical senses, there are also spiritual fragrances that can impact us spiritually. If a person partakes of food that is heavily seasoned with garlic, others will notice the fragrance of garlic. If a person consistently presses on to know Yahuah, others will be impacted by the “fragrance of His knowledge.” This is described as the “fragrance of Mashiach.” This is that spiritual aroma that wafts forth from the lives of those who are getting to know Yahuah. It is a validating reality that Yahuah Yahusha Mashiach is dwelling in their lives and is being evidenced through their lives.
    As we are getting to know Yahuah more and more, this spiritual aroma of Mashiach is even impacting Alahim Himself. “For we are to Alahim the fragrance of Mashiach.” Yes, Alahim is the first one who is impacted by this Mashiachlike fragrance. “For we are to Alahim the fragrance of Mashiach .”
    Our ministry and testimony is always primarily unto Yahuah. We who believe in Yahusha Mashiach are called to be “proving what is acceptable to Yahuah” (Eph_5:10). We are not here on earth to please ourselves. “Do I seek to please men? For if I still pleased men, I would not be a servant of Mashiach” (Gal_1:10). We are here to please our Alahim. “Brethren, we urge and exhort in Yahuah Yahusha that you should abound more and more, just as you received from us how you ought to walk and to please Alahim” (1Th_4:1).
    What ultimately pleases our heavenly Father is His beloved Son. When the Father looked down from heaven at the baptism of His Son, He exclaimed, “This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased” (Mat_3:17). When our Father looks down today upon our lives, He wants to enjoy the fragrance of His Son emanating forth from our lives. “For we are to Alahim the fragrance of Mashiach.”
    (my) prayer:
    Heavenly Father, I long to bless You by the fragrance of Mashiach through my life. I am sorry that the stench of selfish flesh is what often emanates from me. Yahuah, help me to get to know You more and more, so that the knowledge of You can produce the aroma of Mashiach in and through me, in Yahusha’s name, amn.


  2. This is great!! I love it!! It makes so much sence. I read the article of two years back as well. It makes perfect sence!! How rich is the Word!!!!


  3. Another great posting Pete!  I enjoyed talking with you last night. Please wish Kelly “happy birthday” from Ashley and I.

    I have packed the notebook that had the man’s name where we can get the blue plastic storage bins. Do you have that name close by?  I have tried other numbers and could not find any. It seems that everyone is looking for them.

    Thanks and Ashley and I are looking forward to seeing all of you at Rikemo soon.

    From my Android phone on T-Mobile. The first nationwide 4G network.


  4. The heading above this format says “Please Share Your Thoughts”. I would like to … but I have too many, and too little time to put them all down. Basically, I was going back and forth on this guys “experience”. I actually enjoyed hearing him speak, and I could picture talking to him in Israel. After watching the long video, I would have to say that some of his insights seemed good … but some of them were basically a propaganda piece for rabbinic Judaism. Ovadiah is one of the judges? As long as we do more good deeds than bad deeds, we will receive our reward? In the end, I came away with a horrible feeling that this may possibly be a tool of the enemy. To mix in “some truth”, with a whole lot of falsehood … who does that sound like to you? I welcome any insights that others may have to help me see things in a better light. Shalom to your hearts and homes, Tom


  5. Thanks my brother … I will give it a look/search. I have a huge concern that our comments on the “internet … blog … email … text … WhatsApp … skype message … etc … can so easily be confused or misunderstood. That is one of the wonderful things about the National Shabbat meetings, and other “home based” fellowships, where you can sit down and actually look at someone face to face … eye to eye … and speak about the things that the Father has put on your heart.

    But since we only have this opportunity “now”, I will try to make myself clear, using “words on a page”, as one brother told me.

    I am very concerned in the way that you responded to my post. I am not exactly sure, what all you meant when you said “I hold it with an open hand, but do find several parts to be fascinating.” … but let me share with you my concern. It seems to me that if you are holding something with an open hand, then you are still willing to grasp and take hold of it. Very dangerous.

    The fact that you say “but I do find several parts to be fascinating” … seems to say that you are willing to dismiss or overlook the things that are “SO” anti-scriptural … and accept the things that might be … the things that you find to be fascinating. I may be totally wrong in the way I am reading this, and I am always open for insight and correction. If you had said, “I hold it with an open hand, but do find several parts to be fascinating … but see some things that totally contradict the work of Yeshua as Messiah” … then that would have been easier to accept. Do you see the “potential” problem? Your comment only deals with the things that are “fascinating”. You don’t say anything about the things that are totally in contradiction with Scripture.

    Maybe, the last part of my “comment of your comment”, could go without saying. Maybe that is what you think, feel, believe, and there is no question that it “goes without saying”. My concern is that people may be led astray by this mindset of “I did more good than I did bad” … and come away with a mindset of trying to do a little bit more good, “mitzvah” … when they have done something bad … sin.

    With all that being said, I should say how much I have grown to love you and your family. I would “so much rather” discuss this over a glass of wine, sitting around the table. Let’s make it happen soon!!! Shalom to your hearts and home, Tom


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