Homogeneity v. Variety

We have dairy goats and one of the wonderful benefits, besides them regarding us as

Coffee 'n' cream...
Coffee ‘n’ cream…

family and their very best friends…, is fresh milk and cheese.  Certainly, the milk is better than anything from the grocery store, but the special joy is cracking open a jug for my coffee and scooping the cream off the top.  Mmmmm.

The reason the cream can rise to the top is because the milk has not been ‘homogenized.’  Homogenization is the process of ‘beating the milk (into submission)’ so that all fat globules are sufficiently broken up to be scattered throughout the milk (if not previously scooped off the top and used for butter or sold as whipping cream). The result is that the milk is the same identical flavor and consistency from the top of the jug to the bottom….  a disappointment if you like the real variety within milk as it occurs naturally.

The key point of the illustration, as I was pondering it upon waking yesterday morning, is the effort and force necessary to homogenize the milk.  It is not done easily or naturally.  The way Yehovah made it, it is milk – with variety, built in.

Recently, I have been pondering how much Yehovah loves variety within the bounds He has created…

the beetlesConsider:

  • There are somewhere between 350,000 and 800,000 species of beetles!!!
  • There are hundreds of thousands of flower varieties.
  • How many different types of rocks?
  • Fruits?
  • Nuts?
  • etc….

The point is, in each category of classification, our Father has seen fit to have a very wide and interesting variety!  Yet, each variety has definable boundaries.  And, as I have stated before, I can guarantee that He LOVES all the colors, variety and creativity in each general classification!

Homogenization of each classification would be a very boring disaster!!

So, where am I heading with this?

I am simply pointing out again that there is much latitude within the boundaries of the Torah to be observant and glory in our King.  As Messianic believers, we need to cease trying to make everyone homogenized so that they look like/believe like ourselves.  I truly believe that our Father loves the variety and He has the ability to correct and guide us to the fulness of truth.

We must learn what the essentials are that are worth dividing over, and they are far fewer than most think, and learn to walk at peace with those who differ on the non-essentials.  Once we come to a place of peace wherein we can enjoy the variety, we will no longer need to beat others into homogenized submission.

Behold how good and how pleasant it is when brothers dwell together in unity!!



Author: Pete Rambo

Details in 'About' page @ natsab.wordpress.com Basically, husband of one, father of four. Pastor x 11 years, former business and military background. Micro-farmer. Messianic believer in Yeshua haMashiach!

8 thoughts on “Homogeneity v. Variety”

  1. This is a great message and one that I’ve had for a long time. I’m inspired to communicate it better. Thanks for writing and sharing your insights!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you, Tommy. It does continue to burn in me and bubble up in different forms…. If we are to come together, we really have to learn not only to allow differences of opinion in non-essentials, but we must learn to joy in them as I believe our Father does.


  2. When we all get ” on the same page” error becomes entrenched.
    Iron sharpens iron. That which has been hidden from the beginning is now being revealed.
    A wise man has MANY counselors. The path of the just is as ever INCREASING light, that shines MORE AND MORE until that perfect day. And Cuz, that perfect day is a dawning right now.
    Just look to the East, if you have eyes to see, you will see.


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