REVIVE2014. Vendors.

One cool aspect of REVIVE2014 was the Marketplace, open Friday and Sunday between sessions.

I just thought I’d give a quick list and a few thoughts with a post dedicated to one specific vendor..

I’m sure I’ll miss some, but here are the ones I can remember with a few thoughts on each…

Messianic Covenant Community had a large map and push pin board for connecting fellowships and people.  Besides purchasing a terrific book titled Hebrew Word Pictures, by Dr. Frank T. Seekins, I added a pin for our fellowship.  Their website has a state by state breakdown of fellowships that they are aware of and feel comfortable promoting.

Wisdom In Torah Ministries was there with Rico Cortes occasionally at the table, though he seemed pulled a 100 different directions.  His family as well as Ryan White were the primary faces.  They had tons of dvd and cd offerings.

WildBranch Ministry was manned by Brad Scott and Co.  They, too, had a pile of dvds and cd teachings.  I failed to pick up a copy of his new, very reasonably priced Basar Echad.  I think he sold out first day!!

Too Long In The Sun’s Richard Rives and son, David, had adjoining tables.  Richard and I had a pleasant conversation and he was king enough to give me a couple items to peruse and hopefully use as outreach tools!  I really wanted to spring for his Time is the Ally of Deceit DVD and book package, but funds were limited.  That is on my ‘to get’ list for our fellowship!

Lenny and Varda had a table.  I caught Lenny for a few minutes one evening.  He has been to our fellowship, but it has been awhile…  We talked of how to get him back up in our area.

Scott & Amy Huffman manned a table for Bulldozer Faith and Kenny Russell.  Another couple affiliated with Kenny will be traveling across the US after spending several months in Israel.  They will share more about the Hebrew Roots Center being put together in Northern Israel as a beacon to the world.  Contact them through the Bulldozer Faith website if you wish to have them speak to your group!!

Derek Frank, visionary and narrator, as well as his director daughter were on hand to promote the September 19 release of Let the Lion Roar.  The trailer is promising and the reviews are excellent, but the cast of characters is truly a work of Abba!  A few big names on that list!  We all need to help promote this…  More in a dedicated post!

Dr. Hollisa Alewine was very accessible at her table for the Creation Gospel series she is famous for teaching.  Frankly, I love her teaching.  Per comments she made in one of her breakout sessions I attended, I get the impression she is about to retire from her ‘day job’ so she can teach and study full-time!!  What a blessing that will be for all of us.

Perhaps my favorite speaker was Tony Robinson of Restoration of Torah Ministries in North Georgia.  Part of it was subject matter and part of it was teaching style, but I really enjoyed hearing him teach.  As close as he is, I’ll be seeking him out for fellowship.

In a previous post I mentioned my ‘covetousness’ for Eddie Chumney‘s Scripture recall.  He manned his Hebraic Heritage Ministries table and took all comers.  Ready to answer and discuss Scripture, he has an impressive command of the Good Book!

South Pacific Island MinistriesVictor Schlatter was a fun one to talk with!  A former nuclear scientist and Bible translator who has spent some 40+ years in and out of Papua New Guinea, Victor has authors five books that are sure to open eyes and shake foundations.  Two of them I have for reading and review, but already look forward to getting the other three.

Kingdom Paths was my favorite non-teaching vendor.  I’ll write a bit more about that later…

Andrew Hodkinson had a table with three cd offerings, all of which I purchased.  (Music available on Amazon MP3 and iTunes.)  Already each of the three is special to me for different reasons.  Excellent interpretations of the Psalms as well as a cd full of wonderful love songs sung by he and his bride.  Very special and encouraging!

Paul Nison of Torah Life Ministries and Raw Life  had a table full of food and books.

Wild Olive Custom Design and Beyt Ministries co-hosted a table with various custom sewn products.  Beyt has t-shirts available, while Wild Olive Custom Design has a bunch of beautiful work on display on Facebook.  Take a look and give them a call!

There were a number of other tables with merchandise and Judaica, shofars, etc, but these are the ones that ‘stuck out’ to me…  Hopefully in this review, you’ll find a new link or name that can encourage or help you in your walk.

Shalom and blessings,



Author: Pete Rambo

Details in 'About' page @ Basically, husband of one, father of four. Pastor x 11 years, former business and military background. Micro-farmer. Messianic believer in Yeshua haMashiach!

2 thoughts on “REVIVE2014. Vendors.”

  1. Thank you Pete for taking the time to share your experiences at the conference, and for sharing so many wonderful resources!! Your journal notes of the conference left me with a greater hunger for the joy of fellowship with our brothers and sisters within Messiah’s body. So glad for you and your wife to be able to attend! Blessings!


    1. Shalom!!

      Fellowship is very important. The feasts are good opportunities for those isolated… adn then conferences such as these, though all require some financial commitment that may not be readily available in the physical. Our fellowship blessed us with some help, but we are already planning for next year. have to make a concerted monthly effort to save a little toward Dallas… Hope you and many others can join us!!

      Also, still have a few posts directly related to Revive as well as a bunch of material to ponder, and develop! A number of future titles/headlines are scribbled throughout my notes… LOL!


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