REVIVE2014. Vendors.

One cool aspect of REVIVE2014 was the Marketplace, open Friday and Sunday between sessions.

I just thought I’d give a quick list and a few thoughts with a post dedicated to one specific vendor..

I’m sure I’ll miss some, but here are the ones I can remember with a few thoughts on each…

Messianic Covenant Community had a large map and push pin board for connecting fellowships and people.  Besides purchasing a terrific book titled Hebrew Word Pictures, by Dr. Frank T. Seekins, I added a pin for our fellowship.  Their website has a state by state breakdown of fellowships that they are aware of and feel comfortable promoting.

Wisdom In Torah Ministries was there with Rico Cortes occasionally at the table, though he seemed pulled a 100 different directions.  His family as well as Ryan White were the primary faces.  They had tons of dvd and cd offerings.

WildBranch Ministry was manned by Brad Scott and Co.  They, too, had a pile of dvds and cd teachings.  I failed to pick up a copy of his new, very reasonably priced Basar Echad.  I think he sold out first day!! Continue reading “REVIVE2014. Vendors.”

REVIVE2014. Day 3.

Technically, day 3 was two three four days ago…  Sunday.  (Yep, been busy since getting back and trying to catch up!!)

We finished near midnight on Sunday and had no internet access until Monday afternoon, but with travel, tiredness and family matters, I’m just now finally sitting down to recap!

What a weekend!  Already, I am excited about next year!!  Mark your calendars and start saving money/making plans.  It will be worth it!  REVIVE2015, Dallas, TX Hyatt Regency, June 26-28!

Day 3 was interesting to watch as everyone was noticeably tired and somewhat lethargic.  Overall, the crowd was great to be in/around.  Very friendly and warm atmosphere.  By this point, we were seeing and recognizing new friends in the hall between sessions and meeting still more new friends…  What a joy to hear so many different stories of how Abba calls His children back to the Torah.  All similar, yet each unique in flavor and events.

I began the morning with Tony Romibson’s third session on the Garden and its patterns.  this time the focus was on mankind.  He sang a song for us that he had written years ago and taught some basics on chiastic structures in Scripture.  Much, to me, was a refresher, however he pointed out some structures in the Garden account I had never noticed.  The first three chapters of Genesis are so deep that in the last year I have been surprised again and again at the great depth and foundational connectivity with all things written and in life!!

My second session was Dr. Deborah Wiley and her talk titled Gospel, Great Commission and the Call to Torah.  One of the interesting thoughts that she posited, similar to one I had heard the day before, was: “What is the Gospel?”  Christendom teaches that it is salvation in Yeshua/Jesus, but we know the ‘gospel’ was preached to Abraham (Galatians 3:8).  Questions she asked, to drive the point home included: Continue reading “REVIVE2014. Day 3.”