Prophetic attack on peace? Odd…

If I am not mistaken, this is the second time in recent months when doves, released from the Vatican, were attacked by ravens.  Is this an ominous prophetic sign?  Other recent strange happenings at the Vatican have included it being struck by lightning.. twice, as well as other signs.

Here are a couple pics and a link to one article about this…

peace being attackedAnother article had the following pic:

peace being attacked 2Here is a link to the more ‘family friendly’ of the two articles.  I recommend it.

Vatican peace doves attacked by crow and seagull seconds after being released  

Prophetic?  Quite possibly.

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Author: Pete Rambo

Details in 'About' page @ Basically, husband of one, father of four. Pastor x 11 years, former business and military background. Micro-farmer. Messianic believer in Yeshua haMashiach!

11 thoughts on “Prophetic attack on peace? Odd…”

  1. The first attack was by a seagull, followed immediately by a raven. Any connection to the man of peace who brings death and destruction? How about the beast that comes from the ‘sea?’

    Food for thought…


      1. My understanding is that the Black Pope is usually a Jesuit and the ‘General’ or ‘hammer’ behind the throne.

        In the current case, Both Popes are Jesuits… Not sure how that affects the dynamic, etc.. I just think it is not a good thing and the true colors of the order (regarding their favorite target, Protestants) have yet to come out…

        We’ll see. Much going on in the world.


      2. I thought before, that them both being Jesuits is pretty interesting, especially knowing some of the history of the order. The pope tries to give off such a peaceful image, but that should be balanced by the reality of who he is associated with.


  2. Papa Francis is the “eighth king” (Revelation17:11) since the “deadly wound”( Revelation 13:3)
    Very soon we will see the Beast in all Her fury (Revelation 12:17)
    SUNDAY the SUN GOD DAY is the “MARK” of Her authority! Her words not mine !
    The battle of Har Megeddo means worship battle (Revelation 16:16)
    The Beast and Her Image have begun to join (Revelation 13:14). They are ready to play their role …..are you?
    This is happening before our eyes ! GET READY !


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