Kelly’s tallit is almost finished!! (pics)

Last night, I received an email followed closely by a phone call from Chana (Anita) who has been hand-weaving a custom tallit for Kelly.  You may recall a few of the updates I have posted besides the original article about meeting this very dear gifted lady.

Well, the pics of this beautifully crafted piece are well worth sharing!!  Several have come earlier, but last night’s detail of the eyelets for the tallit are special!  Enjoy!

013 May11.1 May11.4It appears she has tied off the fringes, so the next step, as I understand it, is to wash and work it a little which will tighten up the weave and make it look like cloth versus a screen.  Then, she will throw a few stitches in it to shape it so that Kelly can wear it without having it fall off of her very small frame.

We are very excited about this work of art!  For those interested in a hand woven article of any type, from challah covers and pot holders to full dresses and shirts as well as tallitot and all types of Judaica, please contact Chana.  Her email address is in a previous post.  😉


Update on Kelly’s tallit…

Ms. Anita sent me a few more pics of the progress on Kelly’s handwoven non-traditional tallit.  I spoke with Anita last night, and we shared a few thoughts from the Torah portion.  Kelly.clothpathMy questions to Anita had to do with all of the woven garments the High Priest and priests wore.  One point I specifically remembering her making is how incredibly difficult it is to scour the linen to remove the tannic acid.    Continue reading “Update on Kelly’s tallit…”

Update on Kelly’s Tallit

A few days ago, I introduced you to Anita Heist and her hand woven craft!  Well, late last night I received a note from Anita with a picture of her progress on Kelly’s tallit:


In the email, Ms. Anita explained,

…the cloth looks window-screeny on the loom. This is correct. It will “bloom” in the wet-finishing. In the mills, the non-wet-finished piece is called greige goods. After that the piece can be hand-washed any time you want to. It will be stable. sot, and not have the spaces between the threads like it does on the loom.

This is an educational process in addition to being visually stimulating.

If you would like to contact Anita for something special and unique, .

Tzitzits. A sign…

1342207464If you have done any research trying to understand the Hebrew roots of your faith, you have no doubt run into information on tzitzits.

Most everyone focuses on the commandment in Numbers 15:37-40 as a way of reminding themselves and others of the commandments, or mitzvot of our God.

Certainly, this is central, but lately Abba has placed His grace on me in another way as He reveals a secondary aspect of blessing from simple obedience.  What blessings?  Let me share!! Continue reading “Tzitzits. A sign…”