Zealous? For what?


Acts 21:20 relates that a mark of the apostolic kahal/ekklesia/congregation was being zealous for the Law.

How does the Church today view those ‘zealous for the Law?’. How does God view those ‘zealous for the Law?’

If the Law, the Torah, defines sin and righteousness, how should we view those who denigrate or teach against lawFULL behavior?  Is it just possible that Christendom is wrong and walking contrary to God’s ways?  Is it possible that for the last 1800+ years Christian pastors and theologians commit the same error of the religious leaders Yeshua chastised for elevating their traditions above the simple written Word?

God’s Word says that the Torah brings life, righteousness, blessings and sanctification.  Are you keeping the Sabbath, His Feasts, a clean diet, etc?  Pete Rambo doesn’t say that is ‘the Way,’ God does.

Shema!!  Yeshua died to redeem you from lawLESSness so that you might walk lawfully.

… Messiah Yeshua… gave Himself for us to redeem us from every lawless deed, and to purify for Himself a people for His own possession, zealous for good deeds.
Titus 2 NASB

Author: Pete Rambo

Details in 'About' page @ natsab.wordpress.com Basically, husband of one, father of four. Pastor x 11 years, former business and military background. Micro-farmer. Messianic believer in Yeshua haMashiach!

8 thoughts on “Zealous? For what?”

  1. Thanks for that challenge Pete, I needed that this morning! It is pretty easy to stay mainstream in our theology, if anything Yeshua was not mainstream!

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  2. You know what is really interesting about that verse (in addition to what you shared) is that the word for “many thousands” is murias, which is the Greek word for 10,000 and it is in plural form. That means that “at least” 20,000 Jews believed Yeshua was Messiah AND continued to be zealous about following the commandments. That tells us two very important things often missed in our Christian society today….

    1. The early “church” (if you will) kept the Torah, it was part of their life
    2. Not all Jews rejected Yeshua. In fact, it is estimated that around 80,000 Jews lived in and around that area at that time. That means that up to a 1/4 of the Jewish population saw Yeshua as Messiah. Not exactly how it is painted today, is it?

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      1. It has become cliche’ in social media to repeat this but, “What would Jesus do?” Well, the Feasts, Sabbath, many things we have been told are not for us today. It really makes no sense to think that him doing them perfectly means we don’t have to do them at all. The word “fulfill” in Matthew 5:17 does not mean “bring an end to” because that would pit that verse against the next two! Rather, the word pleroo (fulfill) means (according to Thayer Lexicon) – “to cause God’s will as made known in the Law to be obeyed as it should be, and God’s promises as given through the Prophets, to receive fulfillment.” In other words, he walked in a manner that allows him to be the perfect model that we all should follow after! Your dead on with the Paul comment… Yeshua was the model and we are to do as he did.

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  3. amn & amn ..not because we understand it and do so, but because Yah said so, even when we don’t understand , just because He said so, for He is our grand commander in chief, no man, and we can testify good results in our own lives can’t we ?if we obey, and why wouldn’t we obey The One who did E_V_E_R_Y_T_H_I_N_G for us to gain LIFE and not death, life in abundance? Why wouldn’t we do also E_V_E_R_Y_T_H_I_N_G what is in our ability and authority which we received through His suffering most painful death without imagination & resurrection? If we say I love you, then we would mean it, don’t we? and witness our love to Him for what He did for you and me but first of all for WHO HE IS. Thank you Pete for the reminding good words this morning ! now I can start my day 🙂

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  4. Brother Ken is correct in pointing out that these were Jews who put their faith in Yeshua as Messiah. I am thankful that someone shared with these Jewish people their need to put their faith in Yeshua. We should all “Glorify God” for the evangelistic efforts of those who proclaimed the Good News to those Jewish people!!!

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