The Time to Flee…

Recently, Kimberly Rogers released a teaching titled The Time To Flee.  I have been through much of it and agree with many parts.  It is very long with the first hour or two simply drawing probable connections between Babylon and a beast with which many of my readers are very familiar…  😉

time_to_fleeIn the latter portion she explores what Scripture seems to point to as one location to which we can flee and attendant considerations.  Like her, I am not recommending this as a blanket answer for everyone.  I am simply placing it here for your consideration. The last hour plus is definitely worthy of your time and prayerful attention, if for no other reason than to bring each of us before the Throne in this hour to ask, “What would You have ME to do?  Where would You have ME to be?”  (I capped the ‘ME’ because His answer to each of us may well vary.  There is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution. But we each need to be seeking diligently and be open to ‘interesting’ answers that require our faith.)

Take it with an open hand and seek the Father’s will…  at the same time, do not lose focus on rescuing those around you!  BE a light and be open to sharing the story of the Restoration of the Kingdom!

Author: Pete Rambo

Details in 'About' page @ Basically, husband of one, father of four. Pastor x 11 years, former business and military background. Micro-farmer. Messianic believer in Yeshua haMashiach!

10 thoughts on “The Time to Flee…”

  1. Donna B and I had listened to this a few weeks ago and think she arranged a date at Janet’s where several were going to attend and listen and discuss this past week to it.


  2. It’s a good teaching, with some very thought-provoking points from Scripture. Kimberly’s teaching has its shortcomings, but it’s also very powerful and well worth a prayerful review. And I’m in complete agreement with your “what” and “where” questions. Abba has a very, very big plan, and each of us has a specific role to play.

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  3. Hi Pete,

    I also listened to Kimberly’s teachings, and there are some thought-provoking points as the barking fox says. And I too am in agreement with your “what’ and “where” questions. Looking at some stories in scripture in Jeremiah 29:4-20, 33:7 and 39:4-18, as to those who fled (in comparison to those who stayed and went into captivity) when it wasn’t YHWH’s plan for them, we need to just remember when we are considering what we are to do that it will be not by our might, nor by our power, but by the Ruach that we go, or stay, which I know you know this and are also speaking to that in your post.

    This past week are some very encouraging 5 min devotionals by Bill Cloud on this subject. Below are the links. These three links are the “On This Day” devotionals for the 10th of Tammuz, the 13th of Tammuz and the 21st of Tammuz. They are very encouraging regarding those like Daniel who served in Babylon and those that fled like those of masada. Adding more thought to the topic of the time to flee.

    Jeremiah 29:11-13 is important for all of us to remember.
    For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says YHWH, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope. Then you will call upon Me and go and pray to Me, and I will listen to you. And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart.



    1. My net connection is slow this evening. I did get to watch the first one. I understand Bill’s point and do not disagree with the principle, but we do have to balance it with the fact that Father may call some to flee and others to stand… I know you know this, but for those seeing our conversation, we have to be sure to hear His will for ourselves and not judge others for whatever they are doing… Tough!!

      We do know that Yeshua gave us instructions that there will come a time when the blanket instruction for those in Jerusalem and Judea (and maybe all mankind) is to flee to the mountains… Matt. 24: 20ish?


      1. I agree with what you are saying here, Pete. It is definitely dependent on the instructions that each is given.

        Blessings and thanks,


      2. Another thought occurred to me today while reading 1Chronicles 9:1-44, regarding this post as well. In this passage of scripture it seems to be that there is an order to the return from exile and a purpose for those that were the first to return. Would like to know your thoughts on this for this time, as many are hearing the call to return to the land?
        Thanks, Laura

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      3. Did a study of Ezra related to return and eschatology. VERY interesting. Definitely pictures a multistage return. Have to go back and review. Can post a link in here later after loading to blog server.


  4. You are talking big stuff now! I realised we are in a special season. I praise Abba for watchmen on the wall! Please pray for us here in SA that we will be able to hear the voice of the Father.
    Thankyou for all the watchmen!!
    Thankyou for Natsab. It is been a blessing for me for the past year.

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