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Make it a PRIORITY to visit Jerusalem in the coming year.  And,to make the trip extra special, I recommend doing it during one of the pilgrim feasts.

Fifty steps from terror

In May, Kelly and I had the special opportunity to spend a few days in Jerusalem.  On a brilliant Wednesday afternoon, after lunch at the Quarter Cafe in the Old City along with our small group, we slipped into the world famous Shorashim Shop where the proprietor, Orthodox Jew Moshe Kempinski, locked us in, told us to grab a stool while he put on a small headset.  He then spend about 20 minutes telling us, ‘I know who you are…’ as he acknowledged our coming to Torah and a clear understanding of who Ephraim is, etc…  I remember my eyeballs sweating a good bit as he told us how much he loved us and looked forward to our rising as a fulfillment of prophecy.shorashim_biblical_shop1

Moshe and the Shorashim Shop have had a special place in my heart ever since.

Each week the Shop sends out a newsletter with Torah notes, thoughts, adverts and a few relevant articles from around the web.  This week, one article in particular hit me as I could picture every detail of the location of a terror attack.  We stood in these very locations a few short months ago Continue reading “Fifty steps from terror”

Isaiah 62… Just beautiful!

The day we visited the Western Wall on my recent trip to Israel, we first went into the tunnels along the Wall that have been excavated deeply to the street level at the time of Yeshua.  While there, women, young and old were walking in and out with prayer books.  Once we got to the deepest part where we passed closest to the assumed placement of the Holy of Holies, we moved in hushed silence past a group of these ladies, seated and standing in prayer and davening as they cried out on behalf of Israel to the King of the universe.  My heart was touched and I KNOW His heart is!

Here is a beautiful rendition of Isaiah 62 in Hebrew by a young lady that invokes memories of the emotions I felt in that passageway.

Indeed!  For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent!