The Way : A Documentary

The Kickstarter Campaign has already been all over the internet and the trailer is a ‘must-see!’  I have had communication with the Producer and the Director for The Way and I feel VERY good about where this documentary is going and the story it is going to tell.

The campaign reached its goal in 36 hours, but now, having exceeded its goal, it is reaching for additional funding that will further improve the final product.  If you are curious about a hard look into this movement, or want to see THE Story told, here is an opportunity to help out with a pledge.  And, pledges have benefits 

I would ask this of my readers: Would you be willing to forego your personal name and picture being on the poster and instead, have the name ‘B’ney Yosef’ put in to draw attention to the BIG picture?  The Two Stick Prophecy and the fact that an organization exists that is actively seeking to gather the Sheep of the House of Joseph is part of this story!  We can draw attention to this fact by having the name appear in the credit…

We and several here have made gifts to that end.   Our goal would be a dozen or so gifts that create a ‘pool’ resulting in an Executive Producer label for the B’ney Yosef Congress.  When the email comes requesting a name and picture for the poster, we will simply answer that we desire that ‘B’ney Yosef’ be listed.

Please join me!


Dear Dad,

How I wish I could sit and talk to you.  It has been some 17 years since we laid you to rest and I miss you more today than the day we buried you.  You were a prince of a man and I Family circa 1984speak often of you to my sons.

You had many terrific qualities, not the least of which was your most inquisitive mind.  Your thirst for understanding and your willingness to question things led you to several inventions and to find many unorthodox solutions to perplexing problems. I remember you telling me one time that to occupy your mind on the mail route you would intentionally ponder ‘out of the box’ solutions for known problems.  In particular, that day you said you were trying to come up with multiple different ways to supply power to a rotating warning horn, an odd, but challenging mental exercise.  As with most things, you weren’t satisfied that the best answer had been arrived at.

Maybe it was was your minor in philosophy that made you question, or maybe it was because you loved hard questions that you minored in philosophy, but either way you sought truth, no matter where it took you, and that made you very special.  I never realized how incredibly special until the last several years. Continue reading “Dear Dad,”