Church as we know it is over…

“Church as we know it is over.  And, maybe for the best…. “

In a recent post, I wrote the above quote as part of my thoughts concerning the recent Supreme Court ruling.  I have been pondering a number of aspects and this weekend, one of them came into sharp focus.

We had the good pleasure of hosting a couple from the lower part of the state who came to fellowship and spend Shabbat with us. Our prayer at the beginning of the weekend was that Abba would lead us and give us some direction as we considered options before us.  The Balak portion was interesting and provided good fodder for conversation considering some of the discussion on the table, but it was not until a late Shabbat afternoon conversation under the pecan trees that I felt a sense of clear direction.

Besides considering personal and family options and the very real possibility of becoming an expat, I have wrestled quite a bit with how to reach and help those being called out of the Church and into a closer walk with Messiah. Continue reading “Church as we know it is over…”