“Greater Israel” explosive Topic!

Recently, while reading comments from an occasional commenter on my blog, I saw a link to a website with an intriguing name: “The Greater Israel”   Immediately, I was intrigued and went to peruse the site.  The first and, unfortunately, only post correctly identifies the topic of ‘Greater Israel’ as “explosive.”

A map of Greater Israel according to the promises of God to Abraham and the twelve tribes of Israel.

Indeed, this is a topic that sets the teeth of many, and I do mean MANY, on edge.  But, why?  It is another Biblical and truthful topic that is an inconvenient truth.  This just happens to offend a different crowd than I am used to offending…  Still, it must be dealt with.

Israel is and will be much, much bigger than the little sliver of land that Judah currently occupies and this should excite us.  It means that in the future, there will be room for us and the hundreds of millions more who will latch onto the tzitzit of Continue reading ““Greater Israel” explosive Topic!”


These are interesting and heady prophecy laden days.  There is no question, we are living in one of the most interesting, if not THE most interesting time in history.  More focusprophecies are written of the latter days than even of the time of Messiah’s first coming.  And, by all outward appearances, we are living in the very days that those prophecies speak to.

I have heard many, many warnings concerning the near future, some dire.  I know and am aware of many who have been clearly directed to relocate…  some out of the country.  Still others, have been directed to specific preparations, etc…  And, through all of these reports and connections I hear voiced concerns and on occasion, fear.

At the same time I have pondered some of these things, I have also been very much pondering and discussing both home fellowships and community on this blog.  So, I wanted to share a little of what Pete Rambo is thinking in these days and what I am doing…  Or, what is my ‘focus?’ Continue reading “FOCUS!!!”