Sorry…Not doin’ it.

If any of you out there “do” facebook, there was a cute young southern gal that had these short videos where she would go on a little tirade (as only spunky southern gals can do) about something going on in the culture or the news. Of course she used one of those filters that would completely distort her face, which made it that much more hilarious. She would end every episode with “Uh-uhh, I ain’t doin’ it!” She obviously had a conservative bent…I loved her.

So this morning while cleaning up the kitchen and nursing my first cup of coffee, I started pondering rebellion. Not just rebellion in general, but righteous rebellion. I know that sounds like an oxymoron, but bear with me a minute. This stems from a conversation with a few friends, where we discovered that at the root of who we are and how we think about Scripture and doctrinal truths, we are all REBELS. What I’m saying here is that when confronted with a truth that goes against the grain of the Christian or even Torah Observant establishment, we will eventually follow the Ruach in the pursuit of truth, regardless of the cost!

The word “rebellion” always carries a negative connotation, but is it always a negative thing? Granted, if we say we are in Messiah, we need to be very careful not to rebel against our Elohim, His Word, or the authority He has placed over us. But to rebel against the godless culture, or even the established so-called believing culture, will at some point be required of those who are truly His.

So the next time that child or “child in the faith” exhibits some rebellion, just smile. And pray the Ruach directs that rebellion against the appropriate forces…those of the enemy that would hinder the advancement of the Kingdom!

Author: Robin Hardman

Mom, grandma, sister, friend. Lover of my Messiah THE LIVING WORD! Oh yeah...Postal retiree too. :)

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