Newsflash: Men and Women ARE different!!

The adversary, ole Slewfoot, is all about destroying Creation. He attacks in many different ways and from multiple directions, not the least of which is trying to destroy the differences in the sexes. We see this in the LBGTQXYZ v. ‘cisgender’ battle in culture today. Another recently addressed avenue of attack is androgyny. In fact, the attacks are limitless and myriad from soft egalitarianism or complementarianism to hardcore feminism and matriarchy.

One area that is regularly attacked is the obvious differences in men end women in how they think, act, and are physically constructed. If the enemy can destroy those differences, he can undermine the very purposes for which each was created.

This morning, I enjoyed two of my most recent resources and two different messages dealing with the God-created differences between the sexes, differences that are purpose given for the roles we are designed to play.

My first resource was a Hard Men Podcast by Eric Conn titled Men Were Made For Physical Strength. While his focus in the excellent 25 minute communication was men and physical strength, he does discuss the physical differences in how men and women are created and the reasons for such. Some of his statistics on the reduction in physical masculinity since the mid-80s is quite shocking. Conn specifically talked about how and why women value physical strength lending weight to the twisted female line, ‘a hard man is good to find.’ But, I digress. Conn further talks about how to gain physical strength and hardness, even for those who do not have good physical labor in their regular life.

The second resource this morning was a good article titled The Real Reason Men Don’t Ask women For Directions on the It’s Good to be a Man blog. The author, Christian McShaffery, discussed the differences in how men and women think and specifically how they are wired differently, as evidenced in something so simple as giving directions.

The point of both resources, coming from different directions, is that God created the sexes differently for very important and solid reasons. We are each equipped for the role He created us for. As long as we ‘stay in our lane,’ we are best able to fulfill our calling! When we ignore our specific design and function, or try to usurp the other gender of their place and purpose, then things get wonky and eventually devolve into chaos.

No wonder the enemy seeks to destroy sexual roles and identity. It leads to chaos!!

To bring Restoration of the Kingdom, we must, therefore, focus on being the best men and women we can within our created order!! Men, be MEN!! Women, be WOMEN!! Learn and grow in your specific calling and train your children to do the same!!


Author: Pete Rambo

Details in 'About' page @ Basically, husband of one, father of four. Pastor x 11 years, former business and military background. Micro-farmer. Messianic believer in Yeshua haMashiach!

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