The Substitute Wife

Recently I was on a forum discussing Biblical families and patriarchy and all the different topics that can arise out of that. Members discuss theological issues, world current events, music, and even movies. There were a few recommendations for films that I had not heard of, but they were originally on Hallmark so I figured at least I’d garnish some warm fuzzies. Yeah I was right. But one film really affected me profoundly and so I thought I’d share a few of my thoughts, and then insert a link to the version on You Tube that I think plays the clearest. (There were several options, so it took a few tries before I found a good one.)

So if you’re a baby boomer like me and familiar with old television shows, you probably recall “Charlies Angels”. Farrah Fawcett was the star, and many a teenage girl copied her infamous hairstyle back in the day. But in this film, she actually plays a supporting role as an aging prostitute. But I’m jumping ahead…or maybe I was just trying to hook you in. 😉 The real “star” of this film was the pioneering wife and mother who worked tirelessly beside her man to forge a new life and future for their family. Not far into the story, she becomes gravely ill and sees a doctor who gives her the news that she may only have a few months to live. Because she cannot deny how sick she is, and that soon she will not be around to help her husband and raise her children, she comes up with a plan to find a woman to step into her shoes when she is gone. And so the adventure begins. There is a wonderful mixture of heartache and humor in this film, but I want to encourage you to watch for yourselves so I’ll try not to reveal too much. But what struck me the most was this woman’s unselfish desire to see her family thrive beyond her sudden departure from this earth, even if it meant searching for her substitute while she was still living! There is a little twist to the plot it seems, when her efforts seem to backfire, but even then she takes it in stride and adjusts “the plan” to benefit and yes, to even bless everyone involved!

So what is the moral of this story? To me, it is the RIGHTEOUSNESS of a woman who has the courage and wisdom to break out of societal (not Biblical) norms in order to see that her family flourishes! What a legacy! I watched this movie a second time, and really thought about her reasoning and fortitude while facing a seemingly hopeless situation. Could I have been that brave facing similar circumstances? I really don’t know. What about you? I encourage anyone reading this to take a little time to watch this film. I think you’ll be challenged in your thinking as well as your heart.

Watch “The Substitute Wife” here…

Author: Robin Hardman

Mom, grandma, sister, friend. Lover of my Messiah THE LIVING WORD! Oh yeah...Postal retiree too. :)

2 thoughts on “The Substitute Wife”

  1. I loved this movie. Thank you for sharing. Gave us all the feels. Makes me long for a sister wife even more and also lead me to ask questions to the hubs. I asked him if God forbid anything were to happen to me or my sister wife would he continue to seek out another second wife? My personal thought on this matter was I sure hope he would. Why stay monogamous after one wife passes? I understand the mourning process and that takes time but having at least two always makes so much sense through and through.

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    1. Very thought provoking. I know everyone’s situation might be a little different, but I can see where, in the case of one passing, there would be a huge hole in both their hearts. And you’re right about grief…there is no “one size fits all.” Glad you enjoyed the movie!


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