Some thoughts from Joseph….

My longtime readers know that the Joseph portions are my favorite.  Two years ago, I wrote a number of detailed posts considering the life of Joseph as a prophecy of Yeshua.  Those three parts are here, here and here.  Very important!

Later I added, Jesus said, “Walk like an Egyptian!”, kind of an odd twist.

Each time I have studied the Joseph portions, I have considered Joseph and not so much the characters around him.  This time I am trying to shift my focus and see the past him to understand other bits….

Today I have two interesting, but yet unexplored thoughts to share.

  • Gen. 37:2.  Joseph’s bad report was of Bilhah and Zilpah’s sons, not Leah’s as I had previously understood….  Interesting.  How does that change my thoughts on Reuben?  Hmmmm.  And, why the sons of the concubines and not Leah?  There is a reason, but why?
  • Gen. 38 seems an odd interjection in the prophetic image Joseph projects, unless this story, too, is prophetic of Judah during the last 2000 years.  I really need to ponder this one, but on initial examination it appears to have legs.  This is a delicate matter to explore as we must consider the history of Judah apart from Joseph/Yeshua, but it may be a worthy endeavor.

More as I have time to ponder.

Thoughts?  Ideas?  Comments?