Being a light, according to Scripture.

Recently, I was pondering the connection between a few verses of Scripture.  I have mentioned how much I like YouVersion, so here is an image I recently posted followed by some comments and a music video (if I can find Troy Mitchell’s Light of the World).  [If you are a YouVersion user, friend me.  Search ‘Pete Rambo’ in Newberry, SC.  My icon is a grey circle picture of Hebrew text.]

wp-1474645975528.jpegScripture must define Scripture.  We do not get to assign value or definition to words, rather, we must rely on Scripture to do so.  This is extremely important when taking the words of Yeshua and trying to understand His intent where He Himself does not define terms.  (Luke 8:11 is a clear example of Yeshua defining terms.)

As the image above cites, the Torah is light.  While the quote says, ‘a light,’ the Hebrew has no article.  It says, ‘Torah light.’  This is a simple fact that defines the term ‘light’ in order for us to insert the definition elsewhere.  Much like those lovely equations we learn about in sixth or seventh grade, we can now define a variable.  Continue reading “Being a light, according to Scripture.”

Chewing gum for the brain…

As I have mentioned before, I am reading/enjoying/re-reading J. K. McKee’s The New Testament Validates Torah.  Frankly, this is the single best systematic addressing of Torah for the Messianic.  I believe more and broader scholarly works will emerge as time passes, but it will be hard to top this 400+ page work!  EVERY Messianic believer needs this on their shelf, and any pastor wanting to understand or get a comprehensive look needs to read this book.

Advertisement aside, there are so many terrific quotes on every page.  I want to share three from pages 91-93.  The first two are cites of other authors and the last is his.

Take the time to read and ponder each!  I’ll list the original sources from McKee’s footnotes.

What would we think of a presidential candidate who assured his voters that he would only UPHOLD the requirements and FULFILL the goals of the Constitution and never ABOLISH our country’s customs and laws, yet two years after his election, plunged the country into complete anarchy?  Would this be FULFILLMENT of the Constitution of ABOLITION of the Constitution? Continue reading “Chewing gum for the brain…”