Being a light, according to Scripture.

Recently, I was pondering the connection between a few verses of Scripture.  I have mentioned how much I like YouVersion, so here is an image I recently posted followed by some comments and a music video (if I can find Troy Mitchell’s Light of the World).  [If you are a YouVersion user, friend me.  Search ‘Pete Rambo’ in Newberry, SC.  My icon is a grey circle picture of Hebrew text.]

wp-1474645975528.jpegScripture must define Scripture.  We do not get to assign value or definition to words, rather, we must rely on Scripture to do so.  This is extremely important when taking the words of Yeshua and trying to understand His intent where He Himself does not define terms.  (Luke 8:11 is a clear example of Yeshua defining terms.)

As the image above cites, the Torah is light.  While the quote says, ‘a light,’ the Hebrew has no article.  It says, ‘Torah light.’  This is a simple fact that defines the term ‘light’ in order for us to insert the definition elsewhere.  Much like those lovely equations we learn about in sixth or seventh grade, we can now define a variable.  Continue reading “Being a light, according to Scripture.”

John 3:16 and works…

Today, I was having a conversation with good friend and occasional natsab author, Travis Hughey, when he shared something with me I had never noticed.  (Seems to be happening a lot latelty…  LOL!)

john3_16_taserThe context of his focus on these verses is the fact that in recent weeks he has been trying to see how many passages of Scripture he can find that demonstrate the connection between faith and works.  The compiled list is getting pretty extensive and interesting.

In our conversation about myriad other topics and passages, he said, ‘Oh, you gotta see this.  Turn to John 3:16!’

Trying to stay ahead of the curve, I rapidly scanned the passage for context using the new Hebraic lens the Father has been developing in me over the last two years.  And, as fast as Travis could read, I was calling out the key words.  Read this and see what you catch, then we can discuss…

“For God so loved the world Continue reading “John 3:16 and works…”