FOREVER. (Chag Sameach)


At least a half dozen times we are told that Passover is a statute to be kept ‘forever’ in ‘all your dwelling places.’

Does your preacher affirm this? 

Worth asking the very hard questions!!  What a blessing last night and today fellowshipping with families as we celebrate God’s Feast in God’s way.

If this is bondage, lock me up and throw away the key!!  🙂

Announcing National Shabbat in SC!!

South Carolina will have its inaugural National Shabbat in December.  Currently we are trying to secure live music and a place in the Columbia area.  Our goal is the first or second Shabbat in December.  Stay tuned for details, and begin putting the word out to all Messianic and Hebrew roots believers in the SC, NC and Georgia areas!!  All are invited.

Our goal is a day of worship, bridge-building and fellowship between those from this region with a hope to begin fostering a sense of community and cohesiveness among the many fellowships and congregations across South Carolina and the surrounding areas.

More info will be released as soon as we have a venue secured.  Pray Abba provides exactly what we need for fellowship, worship, dancing, children and food prep….

If you have access or ideas, etc, please drop me a note.