There shall be signs in the heavens….

Al and Char McCarn, Mark and Polly Webb, Pete and Kelly Rambo, David Altman

As we were touring parts of Israel in the days prior to the Second B’ney Yosef National Congress, I found myself, more than a few times, looking forward to talking to BYNA Elder Mark Webb who I knew would be in attendance.  As Father’s plan would have it, Kelly and I were seated at the same table with Mark and Pollyanna the very evening we arrived at the Eshel Hashomron.

Mark is a gentle giant that I had the pleasure of meeting last year at the First Congress and have gotten to know better at each step along the way.  While speaking with him on a cool March evening outside of a Thai restaurant in St Petersburg before the BYNA Summit, I learned that he and Polly are avid students of astronomy and the signs that appear in the heavens.  Knowing that he has really believed for some time that 2017 is a significant time period, my immediate question, once caught up on each other’s lives and families, was to ask what new things he has been seeing and what his current thoughts are regarding eschatology.

Mark did not disappoint.  Because there were several other couples seated at the table who may not have been aware of Biblical astronomy and the Hebrew use of the mazeroth, Mark began with some quick background and examples, such as Daniel, for studying the stars. Then, he shared a HUGE piece of information. Continue reading “There shall be signs in the heavens….”

‘Signs in the heavens’ continue to dazzle…

A couple weeks ago I blogged about current signs in the heavens and the brilliant testimony to our King!  In the first article, I linked to an excellent article by Dr. Dale Sides about the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter and possible significance. Well, he has another excellent article with still more details as he considers the fact that we have a TRIPLE conjunction with other events occurring simultaneously that all are probable Messianic announcements!

I recommend you go read his article titled Triple Conjunctions of Venus and Jupiter – July 1, August 4, and October 25, 2015.  One of the important subtexts going on in his article that I equally enjoyed was his reference to “Yeshua haMashiach’ and “Yahweh,” as well as a comment on the pagan names of planets hung by a Hebrew Creator!

Enjoy, and continue to watch the sky and the many signs in the world around us. We are in very rare air!!

Baruch haba b’shem Yehovah!!

There shall be signs in the heavens….

Once in a while I listen to Rick Wiles’ TruNews radio show.  Today’s show had a particularly interesting subject as his guests were discussing a celestial event that will happen Tuesday evening, June 30, 2015.  Venus and Jupiter will come into conjunction for about 10 hours in the constellation Leo.  This is the very conjunction both guests, Jim Dodge and Dr. Dale Sides believe heralded the first coming of the Messiah.  (The last year and the the next are chock FULL of celestial events.  Many, never before seen!!)

Jim Dodge, the guest in the first half hour referred to it as the Bethlehem star and I was furiously taking notes because his speculation sounded off and I wanted to dig deeper in the timing and location.  His site does have a couple papers I want to study further, but even a quick perusal of two yields glaring errors.  The next guest, Dr. Dale Sides of Liberating Ministries, got my attention almost immediately when he began referring to “Tishri 1,” “Messiah,” etc…  Further, his understanding of and interest in celestial events as Scripture points to them, moedim/signs and seasons, has led him to developing Christological Astronomy.  His portion of the show was riveting and left me wanting more.

A little digging lead me to Dr. Dale’s Blog and several interesting articles, not the least of which is Deciphering the Meaning of the Tetrad Eclipses.  In it he explains several amazing phenomenon connected with the Blood Moon tetrad we have been keeping an eye on.  I highly recommend Dale’s blog for several more related and interesting articles!!

So, Tuesday evening we plan to eat dinner outside, watch the sun set and witness the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter into the very brightest light in the heavens next to the moon or sun!!