There shall be signs in the heavens….

Once in a while I listen to Rick Wiles’ TruNews radio show.  Today’s show had a particularly interesting subject as his guests were discussing a celestial event that will happen Tuesday evening, June 30, 2015.  Venus and Jupiter will come into conjunction for about 10 hours in the constellation Leo.  This is the very conjunction both guests, Jim Dodge and Dr. Dale Sides believe heralded the first coming of the Messiah.  (The last year and the the next are chock FULL of celestial events.  Many, never before seen!!)

Jim Dodge, the guest in the first half hour referred to it as the Bethlehem star and I was furiously taking notes because his speculation sounded off and I wanted to dig deeper in the timing and location.  His site does have a couple papers I want to study further, but even a quick perusal of two yields glaring errors.  The next guest, Dr. Dale Sides of Liberating Ministries, got my attention almost immediately when he began referring to “Tishri 1,” “Messiah,” etc…  Further, his understanding of and interest in celestial events as Scripture points to them, moedim/signs and seasons, has led him to developing Christological Astronomy.  His portion of the show was riveting and left me wanting more.

A little digging lead me to Dr. Dale’s Blog and several interesting articles, not the least of which is Deciphering the Meaning of the Tetrad Eclipses.  In it he explains several amazing phenomenon connected with the Blood Moon tetrad we have been keeping an eye on.  I highly recommend Dale’s blog for several more related and interesting articles!!

So, Tuesday evening we plan to eat dinner outside, watch the sun set and witness the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter into the very brightest light in the heavens next to the moon or sun!!



CRAZY! Pope Francis to Be Seen Worldwide In 3D on April 27th!

Fascinating!!  Here is a video that is VERY interesting…  Timing with Blood Moons beginning just days earlier make this interesting as well.  Commenter also mentiones the doves killed, which we covered here with images.  The connecting detail I was not aware of is that the children releasing those doves were Ukrainian!!

Would LOVE thoughts and input.  We’ll have to look for more info to further verify!

More on the upcoming Blood Moons!! (Two videos!!)

A reader sent me a video link this morning that is very interesting.  Marl Biltz is interviewed on Prophecy In The News about the upcoming Blood Moon Tetrad.  You will find the video informative with maybe a little new information.  I do know, Mark’s enthusiasm is contagious, and not unlike the sense in my spirit as we approach this Pesach.  (Please overlook the multiple product promotions on the video…  they have bills to pay…)

Frankly, I, nor anyone else KNOWS what will or won’t happen in conjunction with these celestial events, but they bear all the weight of possible/probable signs in the heavens, just as Scripture declares.  Continue reading “More on the upcoming Blood Moons!! (Two videos!!)”